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  1. I had encountered this before when I made a custom AFCAD for KFLL to extend runway 10R/28L to match the real-life airport's current configuration and was not quite able to figure it out. Excluding the roadway does nothing and due to the way roads work in Vector, a small exclusion of a road can end up erasing several miles. @Nick Cooper suggested in the thread linked below that the lights may in fact be autogen. I haven't had occasion to test this theory, however, or if such an exclusion would exclude just the area in question or some much larger chain including areas you may not want to be excluded. If I do get a chance to test this, is this the same LTFM which is available on the Turkish Virtual website?
  2. Attached is a file that adds in the missing section of the Suriname River. Place anywhere in your scenery library above the Vector entries. This should work equally well for Vector in FSX and P3D v4 and v5. It turns out the section in question was completely missing as a polygon, but for whatever reason the two shorelines were present as streams. Assuming that must just have been some coding error when the data was processed. CVX_3329_SBX_CMS.BGL
  3. Looks like just another missing hydro polygon, of which there are unfortunately many. I noticed many like this around the southeastern coast of Africa as well, where the last one before the mouth was missing. I can't guarantee a particularly speedy fix but I will get to it.
  4. I've noticed the same - this is with KBUR: To be honest, I had first noticed it a couple of years ago with just FTX SoCal as well.
  5. Good question - I've never had occasion (nor reason) to try and figure that one out. I may have run into that while creating my KFLL AFCAD but that was so long ago...
  6. Just to follow up on this, I was just experiencing the same around MROC and "verify files" wasn't enough. I followed what @Alox posted above (except I didn't verify Vector) and it worked like a charm. Clearly there's some corruption going on in terrain.cfg that Central isn't picking up on - of course good luck finding the culprit!
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you would need to exclude the Vector road segments over which those lights appear. I had a similar problem when I had created a custom AFCAD to extend runway 10R/28L at KFLL; in this case the lights over US 1 would appear above the runway. The problem with excluding the roads is you'll end up excluding a length which can run miles in either direction which would then have to be drawn back in, and still won't match what was excluded. In other words it can be far more trouble than it's worth.
  8. The attached file should add the missing piece of the canal as well as a few nearby branches that were missing. Note that in the interest of modifying as little as possible, I didn't connect it directly to the segment of canal immediately to the north - so the drawbridge there might look a little "fat", but shouldn't be anything one would notice from altitude. CVX_4913_SBX_CMS.BGL
  9. That should be an easy fix. It looks like the shorelines are still there (?) so it's either a busted polygon or just missing outright. Hopefully the latter. I can't get to it immediately but I'll add it to the list!
  10. It could in theory be done but the problem is it's a fairly large and convoluted section of coastline and it would take me quite a while to edit for minimal benefit, as the coastline depicted technically is not incorrect but rather is displaying an incorrect texture (as has already been discussed). It would probably be most simply fixed with a landclass polygon, unfortunately there are no default tidal flat textures that I'm aware of that would do the area justice and actually create an improvement. The Orbx FTX series uses a custom texture that I either can't access with SBX Builder (or I'm just not skilled enough to know how) not to mention a fix user would need to have that texture as I understandably would not be allowed to distribute it. I've also been hesitant to work on fixes where such fix is obviated by a popular add-on, be it by Orbx or anyone else. By chance, have you looked at the area in default v5 to see if there is any improvement? Or, with v5's performance gains (assuming you intend to upgrade) allowing expanded utility of the FTX series for airliner ops, I would simply highly recommend picking up FTX PNW for once all our favorite airliners make the conversion.
  11. Anywhere in the scenery library above the Vector entries. It can go in the same folder as any of my other fixes.
  12. Piece of cake! Nothing was broken here, the island is just missing completely. There do appear to be a lot of water features on the island (mostly irrigation canals) but I didn't add those. The quality of the vector data is so-so in Asia anyway; I noticed in flights through the area that there are often swaths of rivers missing. It would be quite an undertaking just to find all the errors, let alone fix them. CVX_7920_SBX_CMS.BGL
  13. I found some busted hydro polygons in Burullus Lake (below) and the Nile River (not pictured) near Desouk in Egypt. The attached file (5620_SBX_CMS.bgl) corrects these errors. P3D4 + Vector: with fix: The attached file (5620_SBX_CMS.bgl) corrects these errors. CVX_5620_SBX_CMS.BGL
  14. Here are files that fix that canyon - note that I wasn't able to remove a shoreline element that still persists at the eastern end of where the canyon was, so you'll see wave effects on the land there. Overall it's a significant improvement, however. This also reminded me of a similar trench I had found a long time ago which crosses 3 islands in Fiji; I've included those as well (0037, 0038, 9537 and 9538). Unfortunately, there is such a trench along the entire 180 degree line of longitude - also crossing portions of Russia (Chukotka) and Antarctica. I don't have any intent of fixing the whole thing, but at least the part with the most proximate airports is fixed. These can be placed anywhere in the scenery library above Vector. This also assumes you don't use my Vector Misfit Airport fixes. If you do, it is not necessary to install the files named "xxxxA_SBX_CMS.bgl" scenery.zip
  15. I can't speak to Orbx' intent to update (or not), but it should be fairly easy to remove these airports from the FTX regions. I'm not very familiar with how they are set up, but I would try a search for the particular airport you wish to remove (such as CYYC) and deactivate all of the files that it returns. (Similar to as you would do if you added a 3rd-party airport within an FTX region.) Of course, I'm not sure how the excludes (if any) work, which seems to be the big sticking point with the v5 upgrade. Of course if it works, it's no permanent solution, but at least something to keep you going until such time the region is updated - there's a whole lot of airports that would have to be checked across all the FTX regions and that will take some time to complete!
  16. Could this be similar to the issue caused by having the mesh resolution set too high at certain airports? For instance, I get something very similar to this at a freeware version of SCIP.
  17. As an FYI, I tried to "do the right thing" and install everything possible into the library (as opposed to the sim) but I'm still seeing this exact same behavior in the same place in v5 (see post #4) - so it looks like it's still advisable to install the globals (Base & OpenLCs) directly into the sim.
  18. KGPI is former KFCA. I believe there is a setting to change ICAO of that airport to KFCA in Orbx Central in order to enable AI traffic.
  19. What you can do (or in other words, what I just did today, and should have done a long time ago) is make a spreadsheet of all your add-on packages so you can track their update status in some manageable way, and then just keep it up to date as you buy new things - so when the next version arrives and breaks everything, you're all set to start the process over. Then just compare it vs. the compatible lists periodically and make adjustments as required. It's also a good way to identify your "can't live withouts" to help determine at which point you take the plunge for good. You can also use it to track the store you bought them from, order numbers and serial keys and who knows what else. Quirks, compatibility issues, files that need to be disabled, what if anything needs to be done after a client update, etc. - use your imagination.
  20. This seems like it would be fraught with a lot of risk in terms of running the new sim, unless you completely emptied the P3D4 folder so that it was effectively new. Otherwise if I understand what you're saying, you might end up spending far more time down the road trying to diagnose seemingly unsolvable problems with certain add-ons that you might not have had you spent the time up front in installing properly. For one thing, the P3D4 uninstallation would necessarily delete all of the files it installed, so any add-ons you installed which replaced default files (a practice which needs to end) would be deleted. It's probably well worth the time (and if you're an early adopter, you have plenty of it as you wait for add-on compatibility - not to mention whatever effects COVID might have having on your life right now) to curate your add-on collection and install things "the right way". You'll thank yourself after you do it. I did the same, to the extent possible, when I last reinstalled the OS on my rig about 8 months ago. There are plenty of ways to install those "non standard" add-ons into the add-on.xml method as well, such as installing to a empty folder (sometimes this requires a dummy fsx.exe or p3d.exe file in that otherwise empty folder) and then moving those files into their own folder and creating an add-on.xml based on what kind of mess it made in the empty folder - and you'll be happy you have that scattershot mess contained the next time Lockheed Martin puts out a content update. There will be a handful of things which won't cooperate and need to install into the sim, but in that case just make a list of what they are. In my case, I know that client/content/scenery updates, etc. will require a reverification of certain Orbx products, REX, ENVTEX, etc., but the list is fairly short. Some add-ons (Drzewiecki Moscow is one that comes to mind) install pretty cleanly but disable stock files (in its case, scenery/EURE/Moscow.bgl) so just be aware of those, so you can run back through and re-disable them. Staying on top of all this requires some good note-keeping and a ton of patience, but subsequent updates will be far less of an issue and you should be back up and running in a half hour or less! Not to mention you'll have a much more finely tuned control over your scenery library.
  21. +1 on this. My logic: Copy the individual compatible entities (i.e. not the entire p3dv4 folder) into the new p3dv5 folder, as they become compatible Symlink those entities back into the p3dv4 folder. Once ready to abandon v4, simply delete the p3dv4 folder which will now consist solely of symlinks Would such an arrangement cause a mess within Orbx Central? Since this is effectively moving the files (as opposed to copying), does Orbx Central make any changes to the products (such as after verifying, etc.) which would render them unusable in v4?
  22. I'm curious to find out as well. I tend to fly mainly airliners, so I could in theory "move" the FTX regions (which I often don't use for such flights) and many of the smaller airfields over to v5 and just do my GA flying over there as I wait for the other add-ons to follow suit. Global textures and OpenLC regions will be best to duplicate as well, as I've found they tend to work best when installed directly into the sim - I've experienced (documented) anomalies when installing those via library.
  23. Ahh, makes sense. I was doing some "reckless" slewing around before playing around EGNM, had a long pause and do remember a text message saying SODE wasn't loaded.
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