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  1. Absolutely great news that I was very happy to receive. I wish both companies a successful and happy cooperation
  2. I can't give the exact location of the photo, but it must have been near Tantalus Lookout. Thanks again for watching!
  3. The picture actually says it all. What a wonderful view ...
  4. I wish everyone a pleasant day! The annual family reunion in Honolulu followed by a photo shoot
  5. Hi Ben! I will do as described by you. Thank you for your advice Best Regards Christian
  6. With pleasure All add-on.xml of all sceneries (7 pieces) are attached. The sceneries with the category "Simobjects" are: Bottenhorn, Jena City, Mulheim Ruhr X, Nannhausen, Oppenheim, Approaching Dortmund Bahrometrix XML Files.zip approaching_dortmund.zip
  7. Hi Ben! It looks like the problem is solved. As you mentioned, I checked Legacy Layering. In fact, the add-ons.xml now all remain unchanged when I start Verify Files and/or the synchronization. Small cause big effect, thank you for your great support Happy New Year everyone! Christian PS: An add-ons.xml modified by the Central can no longer deliver, I always put it in its original state. But there is definitely a bug in the Central that swaps the "Simobjects" and "Autogen" categories!
  8. Hi! I would like to briefly describe a problem I have with the ORBX Central. It is about my own sceneries but also sceneries from third party manufacturers, it is freeware as well as payware sceneries. Every time I start "Verify Files" or the synchronization, the Central changes the add-ons.xml of these sceneries. Suddenly there are new layer entries, so that all of these sceneries are unusable because there are errors in the scenerie. But it is particularly bad that changing the add-ons.xml changes the "Simobjects"-Category to the "Autogen"-Category, which is of course wrong. As a result, there are no more sim objects in these sceneries - no avatars, no windsocks and no wind turbines. It then always takes an enormous effort to restore the backups of the add-ons.xml's created by the Central to their original state. My System Windows 10 Home 64bit P3Dv4.5 Hotfix2 ORBX Central 4.0.33 Example Sceneries Mülheim Ruhr X EDGT Bottenhorn EDRN Nannhausen All Aerosoft Sceneries EDDH Hamburg prof Approaching Dortmund EDDF Frankfurt prof etc Several Freeware Sceneries UGMS - Mestia HAAB Addis Ababa Nosy-Be etc The question is, how can I get this resolved without reinstalling everything. I already thought of uninstalling the ORBX Central and deleting all folders under roaming and then completely reinstalling the ORBX Central. It may well be that there are still old ini files or other disruptive files under Roaming/ORBX. So far I have not dared to take this step because I do not know whether this can be done without major consequences. The Central.log is attached (central_log.zip) here the folder where the LOG file is located:
  9. On my last flights in the "ORBX-country" a few pictures were taken. I would like to share with you On this flight I started from London City Airport in TrueEarth GB to a small sightseeing flight. Flown with the AVRO Tutor (Freeware by Nigel Richards). Many thanks to @Doc Scott for his great tip! The next flight took place with the Commander 114 in Switzerland. More precisely, near Interlaken. As you can see it was very foggy, it was flown with real weather ... Small aircraft has its charm, no question. But a large aircraft, like the Airbus A318, is a bigger challenge The picture shows the final phase of the landing approach in LOWI Innsbruck on runway 26 ... Innsbruck. Always worth a trip!
  10. What a great story. Very creative and very funny. Alice has a good taste
  11. @Polymerman, Thank you for your generous attention. I was very happy about it The Halloween Special scenery is published and can now be downloaded, of course, the download barrier-free access - no registration is required to get to the download. Halloween Party Castle Frankenstein In the short term, we have not been able to create a "stand-alone" scenery, so for now the scenery will only work in conjunction with FTX Germany South from ORBX. For the ultimate scare effect, the Romereo Zombie Avatar is recommended. Airport Avatars (and zombie) package Frank and I wish all forum members a scary but above all happy Halloween party. Have fun :-) After installing the Airport Avatars, you can select the Romero Zombie via the P3Dv4 Vehicle menu. If you press the C key, then the zombie dances
  12. Thank you all, also in Frank's name. This is a project of both of us The scenery will then go online tomorrow evening
  13. Hi! For this year's Halloween, there will be a thriller dance choreography at CastleFrankenstein. The scenery is named "Halloween Scary Party Burg Frankenstein". The castle is located in the southern Darmstadt in germany, where every year Halloween celebrations take place. So it was obvious to bring the Thriller-Video-People there. Currently we (Frank Seifert and me) try to give the scenery the finishing touch, so that it looks really scary Here are some current pictures ... The castle The actors The location A video was also made a few days ago (before they mutated into zombies ): Have a nice (scary) sunday all
  14. Thank you, I'll take a look at your screenshots. I wish you continued fun with the avatars
  15. Thanks for the kind words! So technically it's the same as PeopleFlow from ORBX. The team that creates the animated characters on ORBX is my big role model. We just tried with a lot of creativity to get the feasible out of the animation system of the P3Dv4. It went avatars with switchable objects, a skydiver avatar with certain animations, a lawn mower man on certain days.- and times mowing the lawn. We had been working intensively for the last two weeks. As a funny result of the last two weeks, Samba dancing women, more new avatars and the dance troupe have become in the thriller video. At the moment we are still looking at other possibilities of avatar/simobject control. Let's see what's coming :-)
  16. Hi, ... just to show what is possible today in P3DV4 Location: Castel Frankenstein, Heidelberg in FTX Germany South
  17. Many thanks to you Someone actually stole the poor guy's valves during his stop . Such insolence!
  18. Hi. In this place I want to show you, what is now possible with the avatar of the P3D. It is certainly not a pioneering development. But it is still fun to explore the very detailed scenery Innsbruck by bike ... LOWI Innsbruck from the perspective of the bicycle avatar (not yet published)
  19. Hi! The next stop of the FTX Germany South picture trip is Freiburg in Breisgau, located in the tranquil southern Black Forest. We start in Freiburg and stay there. It will be a scenic flight over the city, which includes a detour to the surrounding area. For today 's picture trip we take the Alabeo Robinson R66 turbine. "Meet and Greet" of the ORBX PeopleFlow people and the Bahrometrix avatar Brian - one speaks the same language and understands each other. Preparations for the flight have been made, you can board the Alabeo R66 turbine Shortly after take-off, the city airfield EDTF Freiburg, which has been greatly upgraded by GES, passes We fly towards downtown, notice the old town and discover the Freiburg Minster. The old town center is very different from the surroundings The Freiburger Munster in all its glory An evening mood in Freiburg The ENERCON wind turbines on Mount Roßkopf (736m), which is an important visual flight feature The wind turbines from another perspective. In the background is the city of Freiburg recognizable Also at night Freiburg is a real eye-catcher Freiburg from the opposite side Time to start the landing ... ... after landing: The colleague Hilde from the flight maintenance. Well, what's up tonight? Let's see where we're going next time ...
  20. Hi. ... have somehow a subscription to picture galleries. It's been a long time since I introduced some image travel for FTX Germany North , now it is FTX Germany South's turn. . Due to the high attractiveness of the southern half of Germany, it was relatively easy to make a few meaningful screenshots. Here is the result ... We started in Innsbruck, the flight takes us along the river Inn ... Shortly after taking off from Innsbruck Airport LOWI - the picture shows the Nemeth Designs Eurocopter EC135 The mountain panorama was so nice to see that it had to be landed at the same time to shoot a souvenir photo. Unfortunately I could not find out the name of the mountain After the impressions have been processed, it went on. Simply gorgeous the Inntal - it looks almost photorealistic! In the alpine country you can quickly lose your orientation. Those who are not familiar with this should not fly without a ticket. But what really stands out is the effectively embedded orthophotos. At the far right you can already see the ridge of the highest German mountain Zugspitze (2962m) Again, the visually appealing and well embedded orthophotos in the Alpine region. To create an even better mood - as it already is - was temporarily set to a different time. The Eibsee below the Zugspitze. Grandiose and impressive: the mountain range of the Zugspitze A first milestone has been reached - Lake Constance near Lindau Some people get goosebumps: Lindau Island in Lake Constance A quick overflight, then it went on towards Friedrichshafen ... ... on to Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen, we are coming! Arrival in the Zeppelin city Friedrichshafen Hope the post liked and was not too boring. A great gift that the development team made us with GES. I suspect that it was not the last picture trip
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