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  1. Whenever I saw a greyed out airport in Orbx Central, it was a indicator that a purchased FSX airport had been updated to work with P3D. Naturally it was a pleasing sight. Greyed out has a new meaning now
  2. Current Orbx Central was smart enough to tell me to uninstall YBBN V1 before getting V2, perhaps a future version of Orbx Central would hide the V1 after installing V2
  3. I want FlyTampa Las Vegas (McCarran NOW Harry Reid International) for BOTH MSFS and P3D V5. Still issues with P3D v5.3 and installed Orbx products with FT Las Vegas from what I've seen though.
  4. Was any solution found to correct this? I also have several of the mentioned Orbx products installed to P3D v5.3 I wanted to get FlyTampa Las Vegas for both P3D v5 and MSFS, was hoping Orbx would add them both being a FlyTampa partner.
  5. Greetings Nick, I own both Australia V1 and V2. Australia V1 no longer shows in Orbx Central anymore, just V2. Thought the same would happen with YBBN V1 and V2
  6. I uninstalled V1, then bought and installed V2. V1 still showing as available to install. How can I get V1 to clear out of Orbx Central?
  7. I have Orbx Global, OpenLC North America, Southern California region, and 61B Bolder City Municipal Airport. Also have freeware Airport pack I'm attempting to install Aerosoft US Cities X - Las Vegas (P3D v4 compatible) into P3D v5.3 I'm a complete scenery NOOB and would appreciate any help on making this work, such as what BGL's need to be turned off and how I should edit this add-on.txt file (to be renamed .XML when correctly edited) THANKS in advance
  8. Well, the newer driver reduced the duration of the black boxes. I tried changing the sliders under the Lighting settings and Bloom at 0.00 has stopped the tower from flashing at all and NO MORE BLACK BOX! Anything other than 0.00 causes the black boxing. THANKS DOUG for your help. Guess I need to school myself on what all these settings are.
  9. If I pause with the tower in the background, it randomly flashes normal and black box. Gigabyte GA-X99 Gaming G1, i7-5960X, Noctua NH-D14, Crucial Ballistix Elite 64Gb, Nvidia GTX Titan X, Creative ZxR, Ableconn PEXM2-130, WD Black SN750 250Gb & 2Tb NVMe/Gold 10Tb HDD, Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM, PC Power & Cooling 1200w, Cosmos C700M, Noctua iPPC 140mm x6, Logitech M570/K800, WinX64 7 Ultimate/10 Pro Last settings I tried were your settings. Nothing is overclocked. Titan is a GTX 980 class with 12Gb memory, driver 496.76 perhaps it's borderline with latest version of P3D EDIT: I also just did a Verify files for all the Global products and Regions I own. Think Base found 134 files and installed as well as some other products verified however no change for the tower strobe. EDIT 2: I see Nvidia has a newer driver 497.09 I try that and see what happens.
  10. I tried your settings. CTD While I was at the desktop, deleted the shaders again. Loaded up again and no CTD. Still getting the random black boxes at the McCarren "party strobe light" tower. If I can locate the file responsible, I'll just turn it off. If I pause sim, it just keeps flickering. No issues at LAX.
  11. Hi Doug, I had run the Resynchronize Simulator and already deleted the shader folder and Prepar3D.cfg, but went ahead and deleted the shader folder again. No change. Sometimes the strobing light on top of the KLAS tower appears normally and sometimes the large black box. I forgot to mention I also have the Orbx Southern California region (Covers Las Vegas also if I remember) and Buildings HD. Also have Traffic Global installed. Maybe it's a P3D lighting setting but I don't know what to tweak. Perhaps I could just disable the effect if you know where to find it.
  12. Installed P3D v5.3, everything fine except this. I have Orbx Global Base, openLC NA, and Vector, Window 10, Nvidia Titan X. All Orbx products installed OUTSIDE of sim. Airport is default The light (strobe?) on top of the KLAS tower is causing this randomly flickering black box whenever the tower is in view from any distance.. Don't know if Orbx related or possibly a P3D setting I need to tweak? Thus is the first airport I tried so don't know if this is a global issue.
  13. THANKS Nick, Will print this out and save for future use. EDIT: Whenmaker, Thank You, will take a look at Lorby's "Prepar3D Addon Organizer", however Nick provided exactly what I was looking for.
  14. First of all, not a help request. Just a convenience question. Updating to P3D v5.2, I uninstalled everything including remaining windows folders as recommended by LM. My Orbx and other add-ons (Carenado, A2A, RealAir, etc) are in separate folders and were preserved. After installing v5.2, ran P3D once, then ran Orbx Synchronize which worked fine. Moved remaining add-ons back into Documents/P3D Add-ons. I got the normal "Enable add-on..." about 100x for all the add-ons the first time Is there a P3D file that I can save from this new install to paste into any future updates to avoid having to go through the "Enable add-on..." routine next time?
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