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  1. I installed the Pago Pago airport and it looks great.  I have a ton of add-on scenery, so I only "enable" the areas that I'm using or load times are too long.  When I disable the ORBX Pago Pago airport and use the pago pago airport, I get scenery issues.  Water covers land, the plane seems to be in between the runway and land, etc.  Also, this affects other airports, especially if they are near wather. If Pago Pago is enabled, everything is fine, when it's not - I get scenery problems.


    Any idea what's going on?








  2. Nick, thanks that worked.  I'm totally loving ORBX scenery, it makes all the difference in the world for FSX!


    I am having a few other performance related issues.  One is at KLAX I see black squares all over the landscape as shown on the attached laxorbx.png file.  Also, I sometimes get really slow FPS (6-10) at KLAX is the slowest I've seen.  I set the Scenery setting based on the Southern California Orbx manual.   I also see strange things in scenery that seem to be performance related.  There are times the gauges (in a Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended) and the outside view of the plane take a long time (minutes sometimes) to repaint (gauges are blank, plane looks like it has primer but no paint).  If I use the PMDG 777, performance issues are worse.  


    So, in general I think I have plenty of hardware/RAM, but clearly I'm seeing a number of performance issues.  My first question, is with my hardware configuration, what should I expect in terms of Orbx Southern Cal performance?  FPS and scenery that does not have intermittent glitches, etc?  What is the best strategy to maximize Orbx scenery performance?






    PS My computer is: NVIDA GeForce GTX 680, Intel i7 950 @ 3.7 GHz, RAM 24 Gig, OS: Windows 10





  3. I just installed the FTX Southern California and there are no oceans, all the oceans are replaced by land.  Attached is a picture of leaving Catalina Island heading towards Los Angeles with nothing but land where oceans are supposed to be.  I tried a few coastal locations, it happens everywhere. How can I fix this? 

    Order #FSS0492055, Order date: 2016-05-31





    orbx souther cal no ocean.png

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