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  1. after a long absence today a small flight from KORS to KFBI. Oh my god my homeland how beautiful, P3D is still a miracle with Orbx for me. Puget Sound, Whidbey Island, Tacoma feels good and my 1982 Beechcraft BE-60B Royal Turbine Duke is 15 years younger than me, The Duke first flew on December 29, 1966....
  2. Hahahaha Ed, absolutely you're right, but financially the business at Commerzbank is not going so well.....
  3. Outstanding job so far, for Orbx Research - The football stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt is now called "Deutsche Bank Park". The "Commerzbank Arena" has been history since 1 July 2020. The football stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt is now called "Deutsche Bank Park" Deutsche Bank Park Deutsche Bank Park – Wikipedia
  4. Search on Facebook for -Aviotek Simulation Software-, former X-Plane Developer, also some early screenshots available.... but would be nice to have EDDF from Orbx or Aerosoft..... ;-)
  5. On a Monday early morning.... Puget Sound Pilots provides pilotage service for all U.S. ports and places East of 123 degrees 24′ W longitude in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, including Puget Sound and adjacent inland waters.
  6. yes it takes a while .... but the 787 is very popular, the FSX version of QW I had used in P3Dv3 but unfortunately not compatible because 32 bit gauges....... The exterior model works in the P3dv4 I had started to install a PMDG 737 panel but still some Problems.... Ted
  7. https://simviation.com/1/browse-Civil+Jets-152-3 Ted :-)
  8. Hi Martyn great set of pictures with your 737 the new Livery from Alaska looks really good - I like it very much.... Ted
  9. Hi Paul These are very nice pictures of the 787 in this set and is freeware plane ;-) - and great pictures .... I'm curious when we finally get the 787 from QualityWings for the P3Dv4 - Ted :-)
  10. Hi Jack great pictures from Germany ..... and also with Sawyer effect ......the Swiss Livery from your Pilatus looks pretty good .... (avsim?) or standard? Ted
  11. Nevertheless, very nice pictures from Stewart and the water effects (reflections) are great .....! What settings do you use there Stewart ... with my P3Dv4 - that does not look so great .... :-) Ted :-)
  12. Hi Stewart there are some First-class pics in this set - especially those with haze & fog..... very nice Ted :-)
  13. Very nice picture - at which airport was that? Ted :-)
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