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  1. I assume I can run P3D v4 and V5 running on same computer using the Orbx scenery libraries located in same place on hard drive, correct?! Or will they somehow conflict?! Obviously, V4 has all my stuff, whereas V5 isn't totally compatible with all my aircraft utilities etc. Bruce
  2. #31 for me too. But this IS getting very difficult to pick just one. Bruce
  3. It's no problem Nick. But I have this disease, that when I see ORBX SALE, I click buy now. So that, plus the fact I am getting older, is a recipe for my demise LOL I have had no time to spend with Flightsim for weeks now, due to work family and commitments etc. But it is amazing how fast I can make a purchase Bruce
  4. I bought the sceneries on Orbxdirect immediately, as soon as I saw the news. Then I thought, "Have I already bought these from Bill's site?!" No matter. If I did, I have no problem supporting again Bruce
  5. From the U.S., I really like KTEX and KPSP. But I like most of them really. I like KSEZ too, and....... Bruce
  6. Yeah, this is ridiculously tough But, for some reason #44 stood out for me Bruce
  7. For the record, I was having the same issues with NA LC and Flytampa scenery. I deleted the "Open LC NA and Open LC NA1 .txt files" and reinstalled "FTX Global openLC North America" through FTX3. Then I unchecked/disabled the "../FlyTampa/Toronto_LC" in the scenery library of P3D V4. Now everything looks fine I did notice that when it reinstalled/rebuilt the openLC North America, it only added the ""Open LC NA" text file, not both "Open LC NA and Open LC NA1 .txt files"?!? I was wondering why there were 2 entries anyways, and if that could have any bearing on issues??! Anyways, that is exactly what I did and it fixed mine up Bruce
  8. Yes, credit card should be back to normal by then Bruce
  9. Yeah, thanks Orbx for the unexpected sale; I made good use of it Now, I just need to get some time to actually fly more. Bruce
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