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  1. thanks Nick i do realise your a formum moderator not a dev and i appreciate your point above , and im not suggesting you have offered me uninformed advice at all. you have been pretty helpful so far infact. I do think though that the lack of presence of the devs who have full understanding in the forum is not ideal for customers who have been battling with these issues for some time. I appreciate they are busy ,ive been a developer too myself in the past , we all are busy though including the paying customers who are also spending alot of time trying to figure out how to solve such issues themselves , thanks
  2. I dont mean to be impolite here but reading your last comment here, whilst i certainly appreciate your honesty, doesnt fill a customer with confidence if thats the reality "I must confess that I don't know what the migration process actually does,beyond moving vast numbers of files. I too have seen unwanted effects following the migration and to be honest, I don't know why." because if an orbx member of staff doesnt understand this migration process and is still seeing unwanted effects in his own set up then how can customers be expected to understand or have confidence of orbx fixing their issues?. I would hope that orbx would at least help one of their own staff fix his orbx issues and help him understand why they are still present too. sorry to have to say this , i certainly do appreciate your help today but i feel that something is amiss here and should probly be taken care of by orbx for yours and all its customers benefit. tks
  3. thanks for your fast help here today. ive edited my last post above to make my point a little clearer tks
  4. thanks i figured this which i why i re installed my origional ausp4 and then applied the patch. My origional version was working fine before the migration . i hoped that the patch would contain any replacement files required to address migration issues seeing that it was only after the migration that the origional started to not work correctly. and if the new installers from fs store do contain other new files that deal with migration issues then surely those changes should simply be included in the patch download too rather than customers needing to re download the whole lot again because i cant imagine those changes run in to gigs of data. in other words my logic says that what ever is broken in the origional should be included and fixed in the patch and the exact same new files included the patch then also be incorporated in to latest full downloads via the store so that the final resulting content is identical which ever route the customer chooses ...patch or full download anway lets hope this works, i will report back either way thanks
  5. ok thanks im downloading it now , telling me about 2.5 hurs to comlplete. in the meantime i would appreciate if you could help answer my question above so that i understand orbx update logic vs dowloading fresh complete installers in terms of content and version because im still confused ( i dont really understand why i would need to have downloaded the whole thing again rather than just running the update patch, in my mind the result should be the same in which case why are we advised to re download the full file , and if not then why not ?) thaks
  6. yes i do however i was hoping that the update would have resulted in the same thing already so i was just asking that question to try to understand. My logic in asking that is this, if you provide me with a replacement file replacement for the corrupted one and then im able to run the installer sucessfully my question is will i still potentially still see the same texture issues ? and the reason im wondering that is because im assuming that the au sp4 update patch i already installed will be exactly the same as installing a whole new latest install from fs store . therefore in theory if thats true then ive already got a fully updated au installed and it hasnt solved the problem with textures................... hence my question but yes i want the defective part of course...... ultimately i just want a solution thats really all i care about thanks
  7. all this is because im trying to fix the texture migration problems im having. i tried to just instal the au update hoping that would work. i assummed that the update would have exactly the same files inside as the latest installers if downloaded again from fs store? is that the case, because if so then surely there shouldnt be any need to re download the installer like this ?
  8. 512000 kb for the first 9 number 10 37,506 and the problem file is also showing 512000 kb that was the first thing i checked in the zip
  9. so in short im unable to copy/ extract that file in to another folder along with all the others that have copied ok from where i can install au, so im stuck without that particular file and i dont want to have to download the whole zip again its taken 24 hours last time. so would appreciate a link to download that file on its own so i can place it with the other extracted files . is this something you can help me with pls? tks
  10. "an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file..............." error code 0x80004005 unspecified error
  11. unfortunately it was during that process of trying to extract the files that i kept getting the error message on that one particular file, saying it could not copy the file. i tried a number of times with always the same result so could only assume that particular file is corrupt
  12. this is for the orbx team after having seeminly endless problems trying to fix texture morphing in au ive dowloaded the installer again from the fs store and discovered one of the parts in the zip is corrupt so cannot instal it. is there anyway i can have download link for just the part thats corrupted in order to save me haing to re download 4.44 gig of data again which is not a user friendly solution additionally the installer is asking me to insert disk 2 bizzarly despite it being a downloaded installation the file name is ORBXFTXAU4003.4 thanks
  13. ok thanks for the explaination that clears up that little confusion for me
  14. If so what is the tick box option for in vector settings , regarding having australia installed?
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