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  1. Hi Rockcliffe, It is reasonably straightforward to interface rotary controls (potentiometers or digital) and switches (toggle or rotary) using USB interfaces via FSUIPC and build your own control panels. Wiring is also easy enough. My system diagram can be found by searching for SIMPANEL on this site.. Hope this might help you. Dave
  2. Today Orbx Central updated EGJA Alderney and overwrote ADEX file and reverses runways 13 & 31 again. For the correct runway designation download Mike's (not Nick's) file and paste into FTX_EGJA/Scenery folder. Regards Dave
  3. Hi Nick, Just for clarity, the first download file does not change the Runway Designator. The most recent file from Mike does address the problem. Regards Dave
  4. The following Orbx document should help explain the purpose of a mesh in a Flight Sim. https://Orbx-user-guides.storage.googleapis.com/Orbx-ftxglobal-demo-user-guide-46334e.pdf Hope that helps.
  5. OK, now I understand why this loose arrangement leads to some, otherwise excellent, payware airport projects not being completed correctly and requests to fix major bugs ignored. It would seem it is down to the integrity of individual developers and not ORBX. Disappointing! Dave
  6. Hello, I am very pleased with the difference HD Buildings has made, and no FPS loss or loading time increases. I have a very large number of other 'addons' so with FSX memory management is important. With a 28inch monitor and the CFG file set to 2048 I can run ORBX HD Trees, ORBX HD Buildings and Rex World Wide Airports without issues. I find no appreciable visible difference with texture resolution set to 4096. I also found a conflict with REX and ORBX textures (e.g. with EGLK tower as in previous posts). My fix was to edit my current REX WWA profile and reload into FSX. Conversely I have not noticed any REX textures on ORBX buildings. EGLK..BMP Dave
  7. Hi Doug, Thanks for responding, but the release of Australia V2 does not seem to be the answer, reference recent posts regarding updates to Australia payware airports. Nick Cooper 3,374 Orbx Team Administrators 3,374 28,267 posts Location: York, UK Report post #5 Posted June 27 Yes, $0 believe. However, these are not updates to the content of the airports, they are updates to their compatibility with Australia version 2.
  8. Reference topic of same name raised in P3D4. forum that is not receiving any response. Would someone please reply. Thanks Dave
  9. Edited the .bgl to give correct grass runways and ATC problems solved,
  10. Hi, Any progress on some of the reported issues? YBCG is coming up to its 1st Birthday... Thanks & Regards, Dave
  11. Hi Terry, Yes, I'm sure you are correct, we must expect developers to want to use all the features of newer Sims. I am also satisfied with my current system for the time being. Regards Dave
  12. Hi John, Thanks for your comments. Disc space or purchase price is not an issue for me switching to P3D4. However reprogramming all the software for my hardware setup is. I have FSX tuned so it runs smoothly, no OOM errors and distance limitations are also not an issue with LOD_RADIUS increased and a weather program that sets atmospheric haze to realistic levels. Regards Dave
  13. Hi Jordan, Thanks for your reply, disappointed that TYABB will not be FSX compatible. (In retrospect, I agree it doesn't show FSX on the website for this item, but as this is the first time an ORBX airport has not been made for FSX and P3D, I was caught out and purchased before I realised.) Regards Dave
  14. I have not used GSX, mainly fly GA, so ground services not so important to me.. The 'sloped runway' option at EGPB disables aircraft AI, so I thought maybe GSX might use a similar .dll and be similarly affected. From your testing there is clearly some interaction between the option and GSX . I use EGPB often, and in all respects it appears to behave normally with the option Off. My only other suggestion is to try creating a new GSX file after the sloped runway is set to Off and your Sim restarted, Dave
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