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  1. Hi, I have the same issue, also on my side no more MSFS is shown, only P3dv4 and 5. Regards Rainer
  2. Hi, the terrible Framerate drops at KBUR still exist also after MSFS2020 Patch2 on my systems. Hopefully you find the reason and we get a fix for it. KBUR is still unflyable to sad for this nice airport. Rainer
  3. Hi Thanks for the help, now the world looks better :). The link to this Post solved my Problem now the Scenery works. Now I can start my work to transfer the scenery to the v5 Version. Thanks for the fast solution. EDDM Airport with Orbx + Traffic2Gate Scenery lg Rainer
  4. Hi, Installed Orbx OpenLC Europe, Germany North and South I get a complete broken Scenery. Also when I deactivate Orbx OpenLC Europe, same happening. It Thinks something is wrong with Germany North and South. Here some Screenshots1 EDDM Based on Default Scenery with the Orbx Scenery: here From EDDF Here from EDDH the Scenery is mixed like night and day textures also Water where doesn't exist. etc. Any Idea how to fix this? lg Rainer
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