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  1. Hi Adam, Well - it doesn't look like West Virginia - but a mighty fine set all the same... Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Folks, Didn't I see a hint somewhere - someone was working on a KABQ ? I hope so - an area that's been neglected for a while - kind of the gateway for GA fliers (without O2) taking the southern route through the mountains... Most would probably stop at Double Eagle - anything in this area would be nice though... Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Folks, Hah - it sounds like we are of the same era - you might have me by a couple - but not much - psst - we're getting old... Oh - don't get me wrong - my brain is definitely left side dominant - I'm no fan of the social media soy generations (I recognize my hypocrisy here) - I was just relaying my thoughts on Waters intentions with his song - it was one of the first LP's I owned... Rules and structure are a good thing and I agree the lack thereof is a big part of our problem... Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Folks, And it brings home the quotes: "those that don't remember history are doomed to repeat it"... "strong men create good times - good times create weak men - weak men create bad times - bad times create strong men"... LOL - and I object to the Pink Floyd reference (that's an OLD song) - he wasn't advocating "being uneducated" - I think he was merely objecting to the blind indoctrination of our education system - the enforced conformity with the desired end result of producing yet another cog in the wheel... That's about as deep as I get - LOL... Heck - I'm ex military and usually awestruck when I run across a WWII vet - which is all too seldom these days... I'm not very chatty with strangers - put a WWII Vet or Pilot cap on someone - "Hi - how ya do'n - where did you serve or what do you fly"... Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Folks, If you include Prince Edward Island in the region - I can recreate my buddies last flight in his bird - the only thing harmed was his ego, hull, and brand new avionics stack... He used to launch from his yard - until one day he didn't - it was marginal at best... Yes - that's salt water and the aircraft was totaled... Regards, Scott
  6. Hi... Great start ! LOL - you'll find out soon you only want to fly your own paints - keep at it... Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Adam, LOL - well I guess seeing the "Lear 35A" is like ringing the dinner bell for me - nice set in absolutely beautiful ORBX country... Regards, Scott
  8. Hi Folks, They're all good - that last helicopter shot is just over the top and could be a photograph... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Ryan, Yeah - looks like you have your new box dialed in - looks pretty darn realistic to me... Yeah - I like the simplicity of EnvTex/EnvShade - set it and forget it - with great results... Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Adam, The new textures by "Wicked Bacon" are truly a work of art - inside and out - Flysimware announced their next project will be textured by the very same company that textures all the Alabeo/Carenado models (yes - they outsource it) - - - and I'm actually a bit disappointed... I can't say enough about Flysimware though - I've owned the Lear for around 3 years now - and they must have had 40 or 50 updates during that time - some big - some small - always improving - pushing the ball forward - making it compatible with new tech in sims - massive overhauls - and never charged us an extra dime - - - who does that ?!?! I feel so guilty I picked it up on sale for $20.00... As it stands now - it's unsurpassed... Yeah - OK - I'm a fan... Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Folks, Damn - Ryan - you make all the effort to paint these things worthwhile - I can't take screenshots like you do and you showcase the model so well... I'll save these with the others I've saved of yours... I'm glad I remastered the textures at 4096 or that extreme closeup wouldn't have looked nearly so good... Even the AOA vanes are animated on this fine bird... Thanks for posting... 100% Concur - sir ! Regards, Scott
  12. Hi... Oh - and for the record - bare metal textures are about the hardest to do well - not beginner material by any stretch of the imagination - very few masters - do it well... Steve Drabek is one of the true paint masters who's done some of the finest work I've seen with bare metal - but he's a tube liner guy... Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, 27" @ 4K - doesn't seem worth it - ESPECIALLY - at that price point... I recently bought a 32" @ 2K - with G-Synch and it was six and change... It looks absolutely superb... Regards, Scott
  14. Hi... Most paints don't come with labels... When working with an unfamiliar paint - I'll go through and just divide the entire texture in quadrants - each one I'll overlay a basic color - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow - change the layer type to "Overlay" and place the new colored layer at the top - now everything below will be colored however you'll still be able to see the shapes below it (that's what "Overlay" does) - now export and see if you can identify the color of the part of interest - now you're down to searching only a quarter of the texture for the part - or - if it's not colored you know it's on a different texture sheet - on big textures - you can then break the quad down into four quadrants - rinse and repeat - until you find the part of interest... Makes it go pretty quick... Much of the work is on the wings, fuselage, and empennage which are usually pretty obvious - unless you're working on a Carenado/Alabeo product (they're not for the timid or beginners) - LOL... Thanks for the complement - Flysimware just released a massive update for their Lear - reworked just about every aspect and included new 4096 HD PBR AO base textures - that makes a fantastic model absolutely over the top - it's one of my favorites models of all time (and I've been doing this a while)... If you have any interest in this type of flying - this is the BizJet to get... Unlike Carenado BizJets - systems just work on this one... KSFZ ? Were you around in FS9 when Vauchez included his beautiful rendition of your home airport in his "FlightZone Providence" package ? I used to frequent that area quite often back then... Regards, Scott
  15. Hi Folks, Beautiful shots in a great area... Can't wait for the ORBX New England Maritimes Region to enhance this area even further... Regards, Scott
  16. Hi Folks, Welcome to the wonderful world of painting... If you're working in PS or PSP - look into "Vector Graphics" (Gimp doesn't support this) - as it's the easiest way to paint stripes and patterns commonly found on aircraft - using Bezier Curves - it takes a little time and effort to master though... If you are using PS or PSP - make sure you get the Free Nvidia PS Plugin (works with both) - so you can read and write DDS files directly... I'm not sure if Gimp has something similar… When saving directly to DDS - you don't need DxtBmp... If you haven't chosen a painting program - give PSP a hard look - been using it for 15 years or so - it has all the features of PS - at a reasonable price without the monthly extortion fee... I would highly recommend getting Arno's (MCX or Model Converter X) from FSDeveloper - as it will save you countless hours in the painting process - it loads the "xxx.mdl" file for the aircraft - presents it in 3D - and with a simple click of the button reloads the textures you are working on to check alignment - this takes a fraction of the time it would take to check your work in the actual sim itself... It's far easier to manipulate the camera in MCX as well - making it quicker to get the area of the model you're actually interested in... This texture checking task is repeated over and over again - hundreds of times - during the painting process... Remember - layers are your friends - put each detail of your paint on a separate layer so you can manipulate them all independently and at will... For exterior textures I use "DDS DXT5 with Interpolated Alpha" - also check the box that you want "MIPMAPS" and to "FLIP" texture while saving... They perform well - look good - and keep Moire in check especially if you have a bunch of closely spaced pinstripes... Best of luck... One of my latest - with a hand drawn (Vector Graphics) American Flag: Regards, Scott
  17. Hi Folks, Seriously good photo's - Nice Work - sir... The Blue Angels were at KSWF last weekend - I couldn't make it [sigh]…. Regards, Scott
  18. Hi... LOL - yes - I think it's just direct sunlight that messes with it... Regards, Scott
  19. Hi John, Just one tip from me that took me MONTHS to figure out when I first got mine - with no rhyme or reason that I could ascertain - the head tracking would run amok and the next thing I knew I was looking straight back at my headrest - the culprit - sunlight streaming in the window well within the field of view of the camera... Just make sure you get a dark shade for any windows you may have in a similar position - once I had that sorted - all good... Regards, Scott
  20. Hi Folks, Nice Duchess... Did they ever improve the flight model on it ? I think the PBR textures in P3Dv4.5 is a game changer... Regards, Scott
  21. Hi Folks, Just a humble request: Cedar Key (KCDK) on the gulf coast of FL.... Regards, Scott
  22. Hi Folks, Man - that looks good... Oh - don't forget - many of the concrete buildings on Ford Island still had bullet holes in them back in the 80's/90's... Pretty cool being able to reach out and touch history like that... And you guys definitely get the nod from this Submariner - nice model... Regards, Scott
  23. Hi Caleb, Well - TrackIR just gives you what you might imagine - unrestricted head movement so you can look around naturally like in a real aircraft... CP allows you to turn this on or off on a per view basis - so when combined - you get the best of both worlds... My normal PIC view is free with normal TrackIR but try tuning a radio or hitting some switches in that mode while bouncing around in turbulence... In CP - you build predefined views where you need them to operate the various instruments around the cockpit - you can assign multiple views to the same button on your joystick that cycle with each press... You can turn TrackIR on and off on a per view basis as desired... In every aircraft - to keep consistency - I assign the views to the same (4) way hat - left is PIC views - right is SIC views - up is overhead - down is center stack - my trigger is used to get back quickly to the primary PIC TrackIR view... Both are indispensable for VC flying in my book... Regards, Scott
  24. Hi Folks, TrackIR + ChasePlane = FS Nirvana The two where made for each other like Peanut Butter and Jelly... Regards, Scott
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