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  1. Hi Adam, Well - it doesn't look like West Virginia - but a mighty fine set all the same... Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Folks, Didn't I see a hint somewhere - someone was working on a KABQ ? I hope so - an area that's been neglected for a while - kind of the gateway for GA fliers (without O2) taking the southern route through the mountains... Most would probably stop at Double Eagle - anything in this area would be nice though... Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Folks, Hah - it sounds like we are of the same era - you might have me by a couple - but not much - psst - we're getting old... Oh - don't get me wrong - my brain is definitely left side dominant - I'm no fan of the social media soy generations (I recognize my hypocrisy here) - I was just relaying my thoughts on Waters intentions with his song - it was one of the first LP's I owned... Rules and structure are a good thing and I agree the lack thereof is a big part of our problem... Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Folks, And it brings home the quotes: "those that don't remember history are doomed to repeat it"... "strong men create good times - good times create weak men - weak men create bad times - bad times create strong men"... LOL - and I object to the Pink Floyd reference (that's an OLD song) - he wasn't advocating "being uneducated" - I think he was merely objecting to the blind indoctrination of our education system - the enforced conformity with the desired end result of producing yet another cog in the wheel... That's about as deep as I get - LOL... Heck - I'm ex military and usually awestruck when I run across a WWII vet - which is all too seldom these days... I'm not very chatty with strangers - put a WWII Vet or Pilot cap on someone - "Hi - how ya do'n - where did you serve or what do you fly"... Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Folks, If you include Prince Edward Island in the region - I can recreate my buddies last flight in his bird - the only thing harmed was his ego, hull, and brand new avionics stack... He used to launch from his yard - until one day he didn't - it was marginal at best... Yes - that's salt water and the aircraft was totaled... Regards, Scott
  6. Hi... Great start ! LOL - you'll find out soon you only want to fly your own paints - keep at it... Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Adam, LOL - well I guess seeing the "Lear 35A" is like ringing the dinner bell for me - nice set in absolutely beautiful ORBX country... Regards, Scott
  8. Hi Folks, They're all good - that last helicopter shot is just over the top and could be a photograph... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Ryan, Yeah - looks like you have your new box dialed in - looks pretty darn realistic to me... Yeah - I like the simplicity of EnvTex/EnvShade - set it and forget it - with great results... Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Adam, The new textures by "Wicked Bacon" are truly a work of art - inside and out - Flysimware announced their next project will be textured by the very same company that textures all the Alabeo/Carenado models (yes - they outsource it) - - - and I'm actually a bit disappointed... I can't say enough about Flysimware though - I've owned the Lear for around 3 years now - and they must have had 40 or 50 updates during that time - some big - some small - always improving - pushing the ball forward - making it compatible with new tech in sims - massive overhauls - and never charged us an extra dime - - - who does that ?!?! I feel so guilty I picked it up on sale for $20.00... As it stands now - it's unsurpassed... Yeah - OK - I'm a fan... Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Folks, Damn - Ryan - you make all the effort to paint these things worthwhile - I can't take screenshots like you do and you showcase the model so well... I'll save these with the others I've saved of yours... I'm glad I remastered the textures at 4096 or that extreme closeup wouldn't have looked nearly so good... Even the AOA vanes are animated on this fine bird... Thanks for posting... 100% Concur - sir ! Regards, Scott
  12. Hi... Oh - and for the record - bare metal textures are about the hardest to do well - not beginner material by any stretch of the imagination - very few masters - do it well... Steve Drabek is one of the true paint masters who's done some of the finest work I've seen with bare metal - but he's a tube liner guy... Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, 27" @ 4K - doesn't seem worth it - ESPECIALLY - at that price point... I recently bought a 32" @ 2K - with G-Synch and it was six and change... It looks absolutely superb... Regards, Scott
  14. Hi... Most paints don't come with labels... When working with an unfamiliar paint - I'll go through and just divide the entire texture in quadrants - each one I'll overlay a basic color - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow - change the layer type to "Overlay" and place the new colored layer at the top - now everything below will be colored however you'll still be able to see the shapes below it (that's what "Overlay" does) - now export and see if you can identify the color of the part of interest - now you're down to searching only a quarter of the texture for the part - or - if it's not colored you know it's on a different texture sheet - on big textures - you can then break the quad down into four quadrants - rinse and repeat - until you find the part of interest... Makes it go pretty quick... Much of the work is on the wings, fuselage, and empennage which are usually pretty obvious - unless you're working on a Carenado/Alabeo product (they're not for the timid or beginners) - LOL... Thanks for the complement - Flysimware just released a massive update for their Lear - reworked just about every aspect and included new 4096 HD PBR AO base textures - that makes a fantastic model absolutely over the top - it's one of my favorites models of all time (and I've been doing this a while)... If you have any interest in this type of flying - this is the BizJet to get... Unlike Carenado BizJets - systems just work on this one... KSFZ ? Were you around in FS9 when Vauchez included his beautiful rendition of your home airport in his "FlightZone Providence" package ? I used to frequent that area quite often back then... Regards, Scott
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