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  1. I’m not sure whether this is an Orbx KACK problem or not. I have noticed a problem how the KACK scenery displays at the intersection of taxiways D and E and specifically the entrance into the parking area at taxiway J. As you can see, there is a taxiway center line proceeding straight ahead of D, through the grass, and into the parking area. The actual entrance to the parking area on taxiway J has a taxiway sign in the middle of it and the pavement looks strange. It almost appears that I have a conflict with existing scenery but I have searched for other KACK BGL files and only found one in another Orbx folder. What would be the best way to proceed? I think the pavement is correct as the taxiway was moved to its present location in the recent past.
  2. Thanks, I missed that in my initial search. I wonder now that we are up to Prepar v4.5, can they fix it now?
  3. I recently purchased and installed PAKT Ketchikan International Airport. When I try to spawn in, it only gives me the runway locations. I have tried using the MILVIZ DHC-2 Beaver skiplane, as well as several other conventional gear airplanes. See attached screenshot. What can I do to get parking spots?
  4. First off, thanks so much for all of the effort put into both your payware and freeware scenery! I was working with a member of our community here at BVARTC (Boston Virtual Air Route Traffic Control Center) comparing his ATC (air traffic control) maps with my ORBX scenery. I was also using Foreflight charts that give up-to-date versions of the airport layout. It appears the ORBX freeware version has taxiway K missing between taxiways B and C. Hopefully, you can put this in a future update. Thanks again, Lantz Wagner
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