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  1. I have all the OpenLC packages as well as the TopoSim Planet Earth Bundle and on my P3D v4 install had both setup although for regions where I had an OpenLC product I generally turned it off. Now that I am gradually filling out my P3D v5 setup I am wondering if these are really competing products or are complementary. Of course the Toposim products are mesh rather than land class so will always install my Open LC product but is it a good or a bad idea to install the Toposim mesh in areas where I already have an Open LC product.
  2. My Take on these options OpenLC Light (no new textures unique to Asia, just a re-allocation / recycling of existing textures for a better landscape I would rather not compromise on quality so this would be my least favorite choice, unless all the others take too much time. Mini OpenLCs complementary to OpenLC Light (analogous to regions, e. g. Japan, Thailand) Sounds too much like the region packs, now if there were a Japan region available, I would buy it today. Multiple OpenLCs (splitting Asia into a few smaller areas approx. the size of Europe, e. g. Middle East, China) This is probably most practical since its such a huge area. OpenLC Asia (monolithic product, practically ruled out - show your support nevertheless) This would be best but may be too much in one package.
  3. That did the trick and things are looking back to normal, now to re-install all my packages.
  4. I decided to un-install clean everything and start again and document at every step. So I uninstalled all my Orbx base, open LC, regions and other global packages. I uninstalled and re-installed the base P3D scenery and content packages and took a screenshot of Jersey without any extra packages, this is what it looks like. Then I installed Orbx Base, Looks ok. Next Installed Open LC Europe, strage night nextures showing the main image and then an over head. But as I few around many of the night textures disappeared. I uninstalled, reinstalled inside P3D, verified, no real difference. Moving on I installed England and the problem reoccured. With OpenLC Europe OpenLC Europe Overhead England Regional
  5. I decided to un-install clean everything and start again and document at every step. So I uninstalled all my Orbx base, open LC, regions and other global packages. I uninstalled and re-installed the base P3D scenery and content packages and took a screenshot of Jersey without any extra packages, this is what it looks like.
  6. My Orbx scenery is pretty messed up after installing the V5 hotfix, one of my favorite places to fly is the island of Jersey but after installing the hotfix instead of the green English country side it now looks like a desert island, as you can see in the screen shot below. After reading Nick's "Installing the P3D V5 Hotfix 1 correctly" post I uninstalled my Orbx Base files, All my open LC libraries, England Region and TE-GBS. Deleted the Prepar3d.cfg file, verified the libraries, re-downloaded the base and regions and ran the Sync Simulator, command in Orbx Central, and it still looks like this, which it did not before I installed the hotfix. And before you ask, I did a full 'uninstall' of P3D from the Windows Settings -> Apps window and then a complete re-install of P3D from the hotfix installer. Now short of doing a complete un-install of everything and re-installing P3D and Orbx from scratch I don't know what else to do.
  7. I had a worse problem going when flying from Scotland to Southern England in January when I only had TE-GBS installed along with my older England and Scotland packages. the distinct line where the snow ended and summer colours started were jarring and at the time I though only one season of textures was reason by itself to not use the product. Since we are now heading into summer and since the performance of V5 is so much better I am re-installing TE but will probably remove it again in the fall.
  8. I was very pleased when V5 came out and most of my Orbx products were compatible with it, but on going through my list there are a few I own that are not compatible, these include: CityScene Barcelona CityScene Charleston * CityScene Orlando * EGPB Sumburgh Airport KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport KRDD Redding Municipal Airport KSTS Sonoma County Regional Airport NZMF Milford Sound Airport YBAS Alice Springs Airport While I know it would be foolish to ask for a release date for the updates but I am curious if they will be updated at some point or if they are never going to be updated. I purchased a couple of the CityScene products in the last big sale (*) and would not have done so if I know they would be obsolete within a month.
  9. Hello Orbx A lot of people had performance issues using The True-Earth GB-South product on P3Dv4, I was wondering how does the performance of this product compare when used on P3D v5 instead of P3D v4.5
  10. Never mind, just after I posted this it forced me to re-log in and then it returned to normal.
  11. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Normally when you use orbx central there are several categories in the left menu where you can browse through all the products, see my products, see whats downloading and the orbx logo is on top, but somehow today I seam to be stuck in the 'My Products' section with no way out of it, is this the way its supposed to be or is there a problem. I did try re-downloading and re-installing orbx central. central.log
  12. I have been noticing an interesting problem with AI aircraft in my p3d setup. Installed I have P3Dv4.5, JustFlight Traffic Global, and ORBX General Aviation AI traffic for North America and Australia. I started an adventure in Australia and am flying to Europe, first thing I noticed was a Float Beaver parked at an airport in the middle of the outback, figured it was ORBX AI with there strange Aussie sense of humor and thought no more of it. Today I was coming into land at Burgas, Bulgaria and was behind another aircraft on short final, and kept waiting for the 'exit runway when able' message to stop so I could land, well the aircraft was another Float Beaver and it could not exit the runway because it it was a float plane on land. Has anyone seen this before? With several packages installed I am not sure where I should look to determine where the problem is.
  13. Thanks for the information Nick, the key thing for me seams to be turning off the shadows, then my performance is acceptable. This is unfortunate as in general I am really impressed how P3D looks with all the shadows and reflections turned on. But I figure I can have one graphics profile for TE environments and another for everywhere else.
  14. Good point, I though there might be some that give more performance increase than others, but I turned them all of and still was getting around 5 fps. With the older England installed I was getting around 20-25 fps and my system usually gets 50-70 in other areas. Well I think its still not ready for prime time, TE-GBS is coming back off the system for now.
  15. I am having the same problems and my specs are a bit higher than Jcannon83's. Windows 10 Home, Intel I7-7820HK CPU, 32GB ram, NVidia GTX 1080 P3D and ORBX all installed on an SSD. I load up the Carenado F33 which is not a Frame rate hog at EGLC and head towards the center of the city and am getting around than 5 fps. I got TE South when it first came out and tried it one P3D 4.4 but performance was the same so I removed it and though I would try later after the bugs had been worked out. Now that P3D 4.5 is out and the 1.1 release I thought I would try TE South again but the same issues. I do remember that with Vector I could disable some of the features, like traffic and performance would improve, what are the features in TE I can disable to get it usable until all the issues are resolved.
  16. Very interesting, I wonder how pre-"true earth" ORBX airports will integrate into the new "True Earth" scenery. With the current sale I was thinking of getting Southampton and one or two other UK airports but if these new packages will make them obsolete I will skip it.
  17. Yes, that worked. Very strange though, those option are off by default and I did not see any notifications that it should be turned on.
  18. Here is another shot that shows the problem, I took off in the tiger moth hoping to see where the ground shadow appeared. I noticed that while I was above the runway or taxiways there was no shadow, but while over the grass there was, here is a pic of where the shadow should be over both and you can see where the taxiway is the shadow is cut off. I went and tried my other ORBX California airports, KAVX, KHAF, KRDD, KMRY, KTVL were ok, only KSAN had the same problem.
  19. Hi Orbx, I noticed a problem today with the San Carlos airport where the aircraft are not showing ground shadows, while other airports are showing. I am using P3Dv4.2 with FTX Global, Global Vector, LC North America, Northern California and the newly installed KSQL/San Carlos airport. The first attached image is the Alabeo C177 Cardinal II at the active runway for KSQL. Then without changing anything else I moved the AC to KHWD/Hayward Executive just a short way across the bay and you can see the shadow appears. I installed the same packages listed above into FSX-SE and the problem did not happen. I reloaded P3D from scratch at KSQL using Ant's Tiger Moth and the same problem occurred. Personally KHWD and KSQL are equal distance from my actual home and was hoping the upgraded KSQL would be a good in sim home airport but if the ground shadows don't work its not going to be very pleasing. Thank you for your support.
  20. Nick I stand corrected. I have worked as a software engineer in Silicon valley for many years and figured I knew the difference between a clean install and an upgrade but though I should do my due diligence and try it. I ran the uninstall, removed the remaining v4.1 installed files (I still want a fresh install after all). Re-installed and FTX could see it. I still think FTX has a problem for anyone who re-installs to repair a damaged setup will run into the same problem as I have had but for now I think I am running. Thanks.
  21. So what your saying is FTX will work if I install P3D 4.0 and upgrade it to P3D 4.1 but not if I install P3D 4.1 fresh. And actually you would have to uninstall all three parts (client, content and scenery), which really does take some time. Its is much quicker to just move the old install out of the way and install fresh. Lockheed does not seam to have a problem with this method.
  22. In the past the updates have not always worked well for me, so when updates come out I prefer to do a fresh install. This also allows me to switch back when I discover that one of the add-on's I rely on does not work properly yet.
  23. I have a problem where FTX Central does not recognise that I have P3D v4.1 installed. Here is the procedure I followed. First before installing 4.1 I renamed my old install to "Prepar3D v4.old" and did a full install of 4.1, this created a new "Prepar3D v4" folder. I then moved the ORBX folder from the old 4.0 folder to the new 4.1 folder and started FTXCentral, it can see the FSX Steam install and the P3D v3 install but not the P3D v4 install. I rename the new install "Prepar3D v4.new" and the old install back to "Prepar3D v4" and moved the ORBX folder back into it can now FTX Central can see it. I have joined the fastlane and have FTX Central installed.
  24. Think I solved the issue, it must have been related to updating from an older version. First thing I tried was to install all the relevant packages into FSX-Steam to see how it worked, and it worked fine. Next I opened FTX Central for P3D and un-installed both PAJN and SAK. Checked to make sure all the appropriate folders were removed from the ORBX folder, FTX_NA_SAK08_CUSTOM was not so I manually deleted it, then reinstalled PAJN and SAK. Restarted P3D and the giant pile of snow is gone!
  25. If it makes a difference, I had installed many of the packages manually in the pre- FTX Central 3 era, including global base, global vector and SAK, then reinstalled everything again using FTX Central 3 including the new packages. According to FTX Central, everything is up to date.
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