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  1. Bob - you *know* my "secret" ... it's quite simple, really ... just mash all the sliders fully right and watch the slide show!!! Setting up your external camera views/controls helps a lot too. I generally fly/scroll around in HUD view (as it's fast) then hit pause and jump into "Drone" view to compose the shot ... maybe changing the time or weather theme when paused to see if anything nice happens. After that, very little editing (if any) in Photoshop ... and that's that! I was tempted by the Islander (would love your thoughts on that!) ... but the Trislander would be awesome. It takes ugly to the highest level! Adam.
  2. Not sure whether I can manage the "before and after" as MSFS doesn't make mid-air position saving that easy - but I'll have a go! I'll also take a look at Central Otago for you!
  3. It's an old FSX model transmogrified and release as freeware. I'm sure a search would find it easily enough Yes - going by what Iain has said.Reading between the lines, though, I'd expect posting shots of other peoples' scenery (terrain or airports) wouldn't be OK - which is fair enough, IMHO - plenty of gorgeous default/meshed country to choose from!
  4. Being mesh only, it's pretty small. Looking at the OrbxDirect page: https://orbxdirect.com/product/nz-mesh-msfs "The download size of this product is 464.31 MB. It uses 523.93 MB when installed." Of course I'm bound to say that ALL NZ is beautiful ... but anywhere around Queenstown towards Milford Sound (or Wanaka in the other direction) should look good - especially as the default MSFS textures are pretty good. I'd say default might be OK, but posting pics of other peoples' airports (freeware or not) would be a problem - especially as there'd be very little default terrain showing if the add-on area is quite large. I think we need to be sensible about this ... the idea being that we should be showing the mesh doing its job!
  5. Orbx Central combined with Paypal makes it [dangerously] easy to extend your add-ons! A handful of clicks, a minute or two for download and install ... and job done! Now ... I have a brain teaser for Iain! Seeing as an Orbx product now underlies *any* shot in NZ, does that mean: 1) We can happily post shots here <?> 2) We can use any of these for the screencomp(s) <?> I thought it's only polite to ask! Adam. P.S. ... NZMF, NZMF, NZMF, NZMF, NZMF, NZMF, NZMF, NZMF!
  6. Well … I renamed the materials folder and relaunched. MSFS correctly updated itself and a fresh copy of that folder was duly installed. Another restart … and … still I have the pink stuff … AARRRRGH! Next step ... maybe removing/re-downloading the complete mandatory packages. After that, I'm all out of ideas!
  7. I tried removing the XML and index files but, sadly, no go. BTW - I'm using the Microsoft variant, which encrypts the install folder - so copying/moving files from there is a bit of a nightmare. However - simple deletion works. What the system won't allow (quite understandably) is for me to obtain copies of these textures from someone else. My next idea is to go to Content Manager and delete CORE CONTENT/Mandatory Packages and hope that I could then re-download them. Seems risky to me though.
  8. Thanks @Smudger and @Gulfstreamtwo ... it does look like I'm not the only one with this kind of issue. I reinstalled ALL of my Orbx scenery and re-ran MSFS with a totally clean Community folder (with only EGLC active) and still got the problem. So ... it looks like I have a corrupt MSFS install The question is - do I need to do a complete, fresh reinstall - or whether the usual Windows Repair would do the job. Both options fill me with dread and I'm wondering that maybe I do like pink after all LOL!
  9. Many thanks, Nick. This is becoming a real mystery!!! I've tried with a completely empty Community folder - and with all caches cleared - and still get it. The same texture (at least I think it's the same one) crops up in a couple of freeware airports (that's how I could find the texture name). Maybe there's some behind-the-scenes indexing gone awry - or some ID numbers got mixed up ... dunno! I'll try a fresh install of EGLC and see if it goes away. I'm not too bothered about freeware airports showing them (you get what you pay for, as it were) but I hate my precious Orbx scenery being less than perfect!!! That's a nice pic, BTW - even though it's only a reference shot!! Adam.
  10. After doing a bit of digging around, it appears I may be missing the CEMENTDIRT01 texture (maybe among others??). I think it's a core Asobo file - and wonder whether it somehow got wiped with recent MSFS scenery updates. Would anyone out there have any ideas?
  11. It's the [superb] FlyingIron one Thanks for all the encouragement, folks! More pics coming soon, I hope! Adam.
  12. After months of wrestling with MSFS, it was really refreshing to dive back into X-Plane. MSFS scenery is good ... but it's hard to beat Orbx's TEGB - and the most obvious choice of aircraft (!!): Adam.
  13. Looks like I'm missing an apron texture. This occurs at EGLC (and with the odd other airport) - with all sceneries/mods etc. removed from the Community folder. Any ideas which texture it might be? It's probably a core MSFS texture, as reinstalling and/or verifying EGLC didn't fix it. H-E-L-P!! Adam.
  14. https://flightsim.to/file/5732/cessna-208b-grand-caravan-royal-mail-uk Flightsim.to is my one-stop default MSFS resource, these days. Adam.
  15. All good things come to those that wait! EGNT 1.2.0 Windsock fixed Folder structure change Many thanks! It seems like such a tiny detail, but they can be an immersion killer! So ... on with the show ... here's more of Postman Pat doing his rounds! Adam.
  16. I remember this happening in P3D as well, with the odd Orbx airport. Those got fixed, so I suspect this one should be able to be ... Shirley! BTW: Hi @renault!
  17. I think I may need to somehow disable the Asobo objects for EGNT. Would this be an easy thing for me to do?
  18. This sometimes occurs with new releases. This is with the latest EGNT release and a fully up-to-date MSFS. Windsocks at both ends of the runway are affected (efault MSFS shows only one at each). I hope it's an easy fix! Adam.
  19. Here are some shots of EGNT that I promised. Many thanks to Orbx for the generous prize - and, of course, to all the voters that gave me the chance to own this great airport These are all MSFS 2020: Lastly ... on my way to Leeds/Bradford ... my other northern Orbx airport! Thanks once again to all! Adam.
  20. Thanks for all the thanks, folks!!! Ed has kindly enabled EGNT (Newcastle Airport) for me - so look out for some Geordie eye candy very soon!!! Adam.
  21. Wow!!! Thanks to Iain for the leg-work, to everyone that entered and to all that voted for me. Screenshots (either taking them or viewing them) is my favourite pastime on any sim, so this is great news. Looking forward to posting more!
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