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  1. I'm a bit confused (doesn't take much!!). Are you saying you *had* the problem but that restoring that file to the default one cured it? @Hebrew ... JK is working on a fix for all the screenpics ...
  2. Thanks BB, Jose ... Hebrew. The problem is that I've never used/installed GEX ... and Tim seems to think my RoofDescriptions.spb is the correct one <??>. Jose - if there's a way of attaching that file in a PM - or a link to it somewhere, I'd like to give it a try. Does that file *only* live in FSX/Autogen?
  3. Don't rush it for our sakes, JK ... more haste, less speed! We all appreciate the effort - and will enjoy the screenies again - as and when!
  4. Hi Hebrew! I don't have P3D (I wish I did!!) ... so I'm afraid it can't be that! Keep trying, though (!!) thanks!
  5. Thanks, Tim ... close ... but no cigar!! I did all of the above, in the correct order, and re-installing libs 120328 (latest off the site). Recycled a few times and flushed the indexes for good measure. I don't mess with AGN, elevations etc. for exactly this sort of reason. Should I re-install FTX_AU? Still some missing texture as well. The shot was taken coming into Noosa from the south - from Maroochydore. Here's my report file: FSX Go Version 1.0 December 2009 FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 120328 March 28th 2012 FTX AU HOLGERMESH V1.0 (SP3) FTX AU YBBN BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.21 - May 2011 FTX AU YMML MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 2.0 - NOVEMBER 2010 FTX AU YSCB CANBERRA AIRPORT VERSION 1.1 - MARCH 2011 FTX AU YSCH COFFS HARBOUR AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 FEBRUARY 2011 FTX AUSTRALIA SP4.002 - MAY 2011 FTX NZ NZSI New Zealand South Island V1.0 PATCH 001 December 2011 ORBX FTX BOB FIRST PERSON MODE VERSION 1.1 JULY 2010 Thanks, Adam.
  6. Hi Tim - thanks for the super-fast response ) RoofDescriptions.spb is: 56.7Kb Created: 04/08/2006 9:46pm, modified 03/05/2008 5:24pm Does seem pretty old, eh? Maybe an upgrade to FTX_AU didn't "stick"? I'm pretty anal/thorough about cycling, so - yes - I always recycle & "Apply". Any thoughts on the missing tiles?
  7. I get the impression this is quite a complex issue, but is there a simple fix? I have the full set of FTX_AU, a few AU Airports and also NZSI. This is Noosa (Sunshine Coast) - with Oceania active. EDIT: Note also there are some blank tiles there ...
  8. I seem to do nothing here but post "oooh .... aaah" comments ... but can't resist another one. *Marvelous* screens - especially the first one!
  9. It does indeed ... and a very nice one at that! The whole Dave Garwood package is first rate.
  10. I never thought we'd be seeing so much detail in FSX. Quite unbelievable, really. The scenery designers deserve a flightsim Oscar.
  11. Looks great! Don'tcha hate doing those stripes though?
  12. That DG Dh89 is a total treat! Have you spotted the attraction in row2 yet?
  13. Ooooooooh! Well done, that man!
  14. Oooh ... I rely on EZCA a *lot*. I think I'll be waiting until P3D v2.0 comes out! Does 1.3 support REX live weather?
  15. Let me be the first to weigh in with the plaudits! Of course - the first round of applause to the TWO winners - Derek McAllan and Eric C! The real surprise is the doubling up of the prize - what a bonus! Considering the value of these prizes, that's incredible generosity on the part of Southern Cross Panels. I hope you get lots of publicity/exposure as a result. Of course - a huge thank-you to ORBX for all the behind-the-scenes work. I'm sure we're all keen to do more!
  16. Thanks for that, John! I'll see what it looks like without PNW!
  17. Great series, takamba! I particularly like #2! @davepdx ... as others have said - there are easy options you can use to start with. Apart from RTFM, I found the best thing to do was to watch what the co-pilot did. If you're in control and things go haywire, just pass it over to him for a while and he'll sort you out! It's a *hugely* enjoyable add-on in so many ways ... just get it!
  18. Stunning!! Those rock textures are great. Where is it?
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