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  1. Here's mine - a tribute to the brave Ukrainians: A pre-delivery Ukrainian AF F/A-18 on a test flight over the Southern Alps (NZ). Orbx NZ Mesh.
  2. Well ... that gets my vote!!! I think it will add a little "spice"! The only (slight) difficulty I can see is working out whether each entry adequately fits that requirement! Would you need to moderate them for that? A while back, in the NZFF screenshot comps, we also ran them as themed - and people got *two* votes: one for "best fit for the theme" and one for pure aesthetics. The two votes were then combined to give a final score. You could weight the scoring by giving the theme vote 2 points and a "regular" vote only the one. That way, you probably wouldn't even need to police the entries.
  3. Thanks for the noce comments, folks! As to the mud ... it's been raining solid here for over a week (in RL) ... better get used to that mud!!!
  4. It's so great to have NZQN back to normal - with the updated NZ Mesh. Before I attempt some of those famous RNAV approaches in the 737, I thought I'd do a recce or two in something smaller! This is what a winter morning at NZQN can be like. Note: this is *not* a sepia toned pic! After a pie and coffee, things looked a little better! Away at last! Another day, another murky morning - and another aircraft! This is the Asobo/Reno T-6 (with my favourite livery). Nice looking, but not as good as the A2A/P3D version, I'm afraid! Adam.
  5. It's just anyone living in Browns Bay LOL (Hi Bob!). I had a few disconnects again today ... but I installed the new mesh yesterday afternoon (and tried a few flights with it), so I don't think it's related.
  6. Thanks, Ed ... that's what I need to know! I think the other one was from an old(er) install. I did some tests with the freeware NZMF out there - without the airport folder and it all worked great, so we're all good now Coincidentally - I was checking my NZFsim site and one of the pics on my Home Page shows a take-off from NZMF ... but in P3D. It's *gorgeous* ... so I'm still hoping Orbx might get around to doing an MSFS version. The freeware is better than default, but is pretty ghastly compared to the P3D version! BTW - thanks for the mesh update. All looking good so far (and it's great to see NZQN properly again!).
  7. Brain fog here (!!) ... with my main Mesh folder, I have two additional addons: z_airport-nzmf z_default-nzmf Which of these need to be activated and in what circumstances? If any Orbx dev sees this, please note that Orbx Central shows a panel/link for the User Guide ... that goes nowhere. IMHO, either the panel should be de-activated, or a default guide of some sort needs to be put into the archive.
  8. First off the block! boetie - with his Ballina shot!
  9. Here's mine!!! My favourite little runabout - in one of my favourite cities! Adam.
  10. I see Avsim is riddled with troubled posts about the 737 ... yet I've had no problems with it at all. Yes - opening up the 737 has suddenly enabled thousands of beta testers and many issues have been flagged - though most of them either aren't show-stoppers or simply haven't happened to me. Considering it's a highly complex aircraft, I'm surprised how well it performs on my ancient rig (I think I said that about the P3D NGx as well)! Overall. I'm delighted with it!
  11. Thanks, Ed - that's put me out of my misery LOL! Maybe I cooked my own goose (as it were!) ... but I'm [also] thinking of instances like NZ Mesh (which I think has been brought up before). It's nowhere near apparent that Orbx underlies everything you're seeing. Anyway - back to the question ... if I were to post a GB North (Scotland) shot ... I'm guessing it would need to have an obvious POI ... something that's unique to that package <?>.
  12. This one's for Iain (!) but I'm hoping some guidance may help other entrants! With the growing number of sceneries sanctioned/distributed under the Orbx banner, it's hard to know exactly what scenery is allowed - especially if Orbx scenery (or mesh) is overlaid by add-on tiles or vegetation. A case in point: I'm considering entering a shot from my recently acquired Great Britain (North) - somewhere over Scotland, I hope. I'm not sure how much content (in terms of landscape) is provided by Orbx - or is it mainly POIs etc. <??>. I use Bijan vegetation and sometimes alternative Google tiles - are either of those acceptable? I suppose a way out of this would be to [pre] post candidates in the general screenshots area and ask your opinion - but I'm not sure adding to your workload in this way would help - though I suppose a simple yes/no is quicker than asking someone to remove (or replace) a bad entry. Thoughts? ... and TIA! Adam.
  13. Well done, @Digital896!! A tremendous shot of one of my favourite aircraft!!
  14. Aah ... right ... thanks. I install all my Orbx sceneries outside the main folder (and also use Addons Linker).
  15. I don't think you need to do this if you follow Nick's suggestions (rolling cache etc.) <??> ... but I'm intrigued by your last shot. What do you mean "main stack"?
  16. I'm afraid that you might find, if you *do* clear the rolling cache, you'll lose your good NZMF. I have version 2.5 installed - and have also tried 2.4. Neither works. I'll see if I can grab 2.1 and see if that works with SU9.
  17. Strange indeed!!! What version of Sergio's NZMF do you have running? And ... did you clear your rolling cache before (or after) the SU9 update? Does anyone know if scenery *order* (in the contents.xml file) is important for Orbx-related scenery?
  18. This has been part of my S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for MSFS for a fair while now. Make a text file and put it on your desktop as a reminder!
  19. Confirmed here. I've posted on Sergio's page on Flysim.to - asking him to wave his magic wand!! I tried every combination of with/without NZ Mesh and different addon versions. None worked - and it doesn't appear to be Orrbx Mesh related. Oddly, you'd expect the error to have occurred afte the last *World* update - and not SU9. It's a great (freeware) addon, but I'm still hoping that Orbx will re-work their P3D classic NZMF for MSFS!
  20. Do you use the scenery cache? If so, try deleting it and re-making it - then reinstall Cityscape and re-run.
  21. Mine was fine here - though all I did was delete/remake the rolling cache file. I'm pleased to see the bridge-road connections are much improved! Still not 100% perfect, but w-a-y better than they were
  22. I keep MSFS updated (fairly promptly). These are definitely post AU update - but I seem to remember the problem being there before (but I didn't flag it here as a bug at the time).
  23. For the record ... here we go!!! The road has obviously been down for a fair while, as trees have grown around it! LOL.
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