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  1. What is your screen resolution and AA settings?
  2. Turning on the dynamic lights fixed the ground issues at ESSA for me. However at the end of the topic Nick posted, there is a fix posted by Marcus that will fix the issue even with the dynamic lighting disabled.
  3. Hi Nick, Lowering the AA settings from 4xSGSS to 8x MSAA seems to have solved the performance issues at ESSA even with the dynamic lights on. EFHK is fine even with 4x SGSS as long as you are away from the gates/stands. Is there any specific hour of the day when the lights switch on/off at Orbx airports, so that I can prepare to lower the antialiasing settings before landing there?
  4. UPDATE: Please ignore this query for now, as it seems performance at EFHK has improved after reinstalling the libraries, so I will have to do further testing. I did buy ESSA in the end though, and that airport is a disaster when it comes to framerate. Sadly.
  5. Hi, Sorry to bump this old thread up. I just wanted to explain that I am suffering from exactly the same issue as Ray but instead with Orbx ESSA. I tested my monitor at 1920x1080 and FPS is fine, yet when returning to 3440*1440, my FPS go straight from 30 FPS locked to 6-7 FPS which are making these sceneries unplayable. I am still researching my issues at EFHK, and cannot reach a conclusion yet. But ESSA is definitely bugged. I tested dynamic lighting at my native resolution at other airports such as FlyTampa EHAM, Aerosoft EDDF & EGLL, Taxi2Gate LFPG and I do not suffer from this issue there. Clearly something is wrong with the lighting effects files? It seems to only affect Orbx sceneries (for some reason LYBE is fine, the only exception). If this could be checked and fixed somehow I would be grateful, but otherwise, I would like to apply for a refund as well... The airports are great, but if you can't fly during night (especially winter time it gets dark early), there is no point..
  6. Hi team, I have recently purchased Helsinki Airport from Orbx for P3D V5. The airport seems to perform fine during the daytime, but at night near to the gates the performance is notoriously bad (I am assuming it might be because of the dynamic lighting). I have a great framerate at mega airports such as Aerosoft EGLL and EDDF during night, same at FlyTampa Eham, while my framerate in Helsinki is cut by more than 50% when coming in to the apron. Framerates at LYBE (another Orbx product), is good even with the dynamic lights on. LOWI is bad, but there is an option to disable dynamic lights in the config panel which fixes the issue. Sadly, there appears to be no way to disable the dynamic lighting in the configuration panel. Is there any way to improve performance at this airport? Unfortunately, for the moment EFHK is unusuable during night unless you wish to taxi to a far away stand maybe... Another question. I am thinking to buy Orbx ESSA. I heard that this airport also has issues with night framerate, is it true? And if it is, can you disable the dynamic lighting from the config tool? Thanks
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