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  1. In Scotland EGPH is Edinburgh airport. It’s a lovely piece of scenery and although I have TE, I only use the airports and the old regional software (for space purposes-I have TE on XP instead), and it is still lovely. It is almost as nice as the MSFS scenery. Personally I often think the TE stuff looks better, but it must address this performance problem if it is to compete as a choice instead of MSFS - Much easier to say than to do of course and I have no idea about the technicalities of these things but here is hoping.
  2. Thanks John, I accept that PMDG is resource hungry, I’ve known that since I bought the first PMDG Queen of the Skies when FSX was young. But the reason why I asked about EDIN’H was because I’d generally had a good experience with Orbx, I have quite a powerful machine, the same scenery flying out from in xPlane with complex airliner is fine, but in the circumstance I was referring to I was, for the most part, down to between 9-11 FPS and that is just not on. So, have a got a problem? Is there some way in which something could be happening with P3Dv5? - I mean God knows that bloody program is smooth one minute, choppy the next - sometimes it crashes, sometimes it takes three weeks to load etc, etc. I’ve spent a fortune on it over the years and tried every sensible tweak in Christendom and beyond and it is never as smooth as I would want it to be, so I guess I’m asking, ‘what might I have done wrong, or ‘it’ done wrong, this time’?’ Any suggestion short of ‘stick it up your bum’, would be most welcome. Stay safe and COVID free everyone Neil.
  3. Thanks for getting back David, that a bit depressing though. I’ve already been loosing faith in P3Dv5 for a while now but I was expecting a bit more from Orbx though.
  4. Guys, please tell me it is not normal to be running an i9 7900K and GTX 1080Ti and coming out of Orbx EDGH with Orbx Scotland in P3Dv5, flying the PMDG 737 and chugging along with not more than 16 FPS? Much of the time going down 12 and less than 10. Is it any better in True Earth? I've got True Earth for XPlane with EDGH and I come out of there with a FlightFactor 757, one or two stutters but otherwise smooth as the proverbial. Is there anything I might have forgotten? Grateful for any advice. Thanks everyone. Neil G
  5. I think your right Jon, I’m going to renew the drivers on my Thrust’r HOTAS and see is that works. It doesn’t happen to all models, only some and I’ve never come across it before either. I’ll post what happens. Thank you for getting back. Neil
  6. The title says everything really. It’s a strange business and I don’t remember having it ever happen before but certain models, eg the Quest Kodiak, Vskylabs Tecam, will start up perfectly normally etc, and when the throttle is pushed up the animation suggests that it is working but there is no sound alteration and the models do not move. This only seems to happen in the Canaries. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks Neil G
  7. Questions continued to be asked over Neil's airmanship... https://postimg.cc/4nxXv7yY
  8. I noticed this post though it’s more than six months old now I was just wondering if any new wisdom has come to light to get loading a bit faster? thanks. Neil
  9. Interesting. Ok, thank you. I will look out for them.
  10. I was wondering if there are any plans for further coverage of NA, or Ireland possibly? Thank you for your attention. Neil.
  11. I'd almost got used to it, resigned myself to the ridiculous length of time it takes to start up P3Dv5, just as it was with v4. I had decided to think of it as just one in a long line of P3D deficiencies. But I've poured too much money into this sim to put up with it and now I am begging the rest of the community for help. Partly, of course, it is due to the huge number of GB’s that the scenery constitutes, virtually all Orbx and a good number of others. I admit that that us always going to slow things up but at the moment I wait nearly 15 minutes and if anything goes wrong I have to start again. Any advice greatly recieved guys. Thanks.
  12. For the love of God! I decide to go to Cambridge thinking: finally with this level of realism there will be some rendition of one of the worldfs most important university towns, replete with history and at the top pf the foreign tourist list , but NO! There seems to be the rough outline of colleges but they have been turned into some find of flat complex. For goodness sake the town is depicted as having more baseball pitches than colleges! What would Isaac Newton, Carles Darwin or Stphen Hawking have said? Now, this is an original contribution that Orbx can make. Can someo+ne please cover the aiirport and town of Cambridge. Thank you. Neil.
  13. Hi Just to report, about 12 Miles North of Mogdi, but travelling South, about 9000ft, the mountains seemed as though drapped in a purple/pink mesh. didnt bother me too much but just thought Id let you know. Neil
  14. It was excellent news to learn that Orbx will developing for the new MS sim. I was wondering what sort of prices would be involved. Are we talking about a complete new purchase as with X Plane? Or will there be a more moderate, port-over price? What I was also wondering was whether it might not be possible to pay for whole batches of a/ports? To be put across. I have all but two or three products, ie, allot, and it would be great to take them all across eventually. Hanks Neil.
  15. Believe me, when you see MSFS there will be no competition. And for the standard version there is not much difference in price.
  16. Hello I was just wondering how you planned to fit into the new sim. I have been alpha testing MSFS and the scenery is already very good. I was wondering how Orbx could bring further improvements to it. Thank you Neil
  17. Ah right. Ok, that makes me feel a bit better. I imagine its something that they will therefore be working to amend. Thanks suspman, stay safe. Neil.
  18. Come to think of it I have the Yak for XP and it happened every time I tried to use it in a previous 11.50 issue.
  19. Thanks suspman, yes I am running the latest beta xp, do you think that this is the problem?
  20. Despite the number of acronyms in the title I think it speaks for itself. I haven't had this for years, I have a GTX1080Ti so I didn't really think this could be true. I used an app to see and at the time XP advised me that it was about to shut down I had 5.8 GB virtual available??. Should that have happened therefore? Hope you can help, I don't really have a clue. Thanks . Neil.
  21. I’m from Cardiff though I live in East Anglia at the moment and I have to tell you, that is my city. Beautiful shots.
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