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  1. I am on FSX. I think that the product list in my account under Orbx where it says Orbx Account manage your Orbx products here, are all purchased products. I don't think any of the freeware products or the demos are in that list as opposed to the FTXCentral window that shows all products both free downloaded and purchased. I'm assuming that I am correct...just want someone to verify that my assumption is right. Thanks.
  2. To whoever can clarify this for me. I was wondering why the products that I have purchased and can see as vivid colour and not greyed out in the FTXCentral window….those products, the number of them, lets say 52 of them, that number does not match the number of items in the online list that has the word info beside each product. Should not those two lists match in the number of products? Why are there 2 lists? That online list for me has 33 items in the list as opposed to 52 in the FTXCentral window. Could it be that one includes free OrbX products (52) but the other is only purchased ones (33)? Even that does not make sense since there are over 24 free airports that I believe I downloaded not including 2 Holgermeshes and 2 Demos or the 2 Airport packs. Can anyone help me with that? How do I know I have all the free ones installed. I have to check this over again. Thanks Peter.
  3. Thanks to you all for clearing all this up. Very excited about future simming especially knowing I will be able to use all my OrbX stuff. Can't do this without OrbX for sure. Thanks again...now I have to do some shopping for my next OrbX purchase. Cheers.
  4. That's great. Thanks so much for letting me know. Does that mean that all the different types of titles will work in the new sim for example Global Base and Global Vector as well as openLC Europe and North America as well as regions and specific airports just as they do now with FSX? Thanks Pete.
  5. Hi John I was looking to move on from FSX and will.... especially with this news of my OrbX purchases being still useable in "the new flight sim v4...you know what I mean". I don't want to get into any trouble for mentioning it. The only question I have is how do I re install my OrbX stuff from FTX Central if when I open FTX Central now (I am using FSX Steam) the install button is not available to install (because it's already installed) so how would I install my OrbX stuff in the new flight sim if that is not available. I'm not very good with computers but before I purchase "the you know what sim", I need to know how to install all my OrbX. I actually want to buy more scenery and want to make sure I know how to install it. Can I have both sims on my computer at the same time with all my OrbX stuff or do I have to delete FSX first? Please help. Thanks. Pete.
  6. Oh my. Thanks all so much for your feedback. All of your suggestions and ideas have helped me so much. I really appreciate it. I will take the advice and hold on for a while but will probably go to P3D since I do have a lot of OrbX stuff and want to purchase more. So that means that all the products that I own from OrbX will be available to use from FTX Central into the P3D install? So P3D will see it and install it? Can I have all my OrbX stuff in both FSX and P3D? I guess I would buy the Academic license for $59.95? Please let me know how that would work. Thanks. Pete.
  7. Thanks all for your comments and view points. I'm not sure which of the 2 I would pick Aerofly or FSW? Maybe Michael is right and Prepar3d4 is the way to go. The other 2 look so amazing though. I guess what I was looking for was that someone would say...oh yes you can buy Aerofly FS2 and all your purchased OrbX stuff will work with it no problem! Wishful thinking I know. I am on FSX now...love OrbX but what would be the point of moving to Prepar3d4? Is it not a lot like FSX? I just want a more modern flight sim with shadows in the plane and without the silly crashes I get with FSX... and better frame rates than FSX. You're right TTM, it is a bit weird with both new sims having Orbx but in different ways!! Thanks. Pete.
  8. I don't know about most of you but I see and hear talk about 2 new flight sims. Flight Sim World and Aerofly FS2. I seem to get the feeling that both will have OrbX scenery and airports and regions. Is that correct? And since I own numerous FTX Orbx products would those be useable in either of these 2 new sims? Also, of these 2, which one would you suggest to purchase? Should I stop buying OrbX stuff and wait to purchase OrbX for one of the new flight sims? I would really like to be able to use my previously purchased OrbX stuff in one of the new ones....which one would that be possible with? Is FTX OrbX supporting one more than the other? And which one of the 2 new sims will be better....ie better frame rates, better graphics...ect. A lot to consider. Could someone out there please help me clarify the situation? Thanks. Peter
  9. Thanks Nick I did the insertion point thing and now my addons stay where they should. I should have thought of that myself. Sorry.
  10. Hi Holger Thanks for this. I re installed vector and did what they said re the winter check in the vector window and it worked I don't have trees or houses in the water. Thanks for that. I noticed though since I just today re installed both fsx and all my OrbX stuff that if I run the airport elevation thing after I add a new scenery, after that all my add on sceneries fall down the priority list below all the FTX and OrbxopenLC and then I have to manually take my add ons up every time which is a complete pain. How come the add ons that I install not stay at the top of the priority and how do I keep them there? I can't confidently run the vector airport thing if it messes up my library. Please do you have any ideas re this issue? Thanks. Pete.
  11. Hi Holger I actually uninstalled Global Vector to eliminate the problem and it did, but of course I did not want to do that but it was trees in water AND Vector or no trees in water but no vector. I will re install vector and do what was suggested in the other forum and let you know how that went. Thanks for the help.
  12. Hello I have had quite a few issues with trees and houses in water. It happens with purchased scenery and without purchased scenery. It happens at FTX Orbx free airport scenery like Wiarton in Ontario as per my attached screenshot. It happens with Aerosoft Detroit scenery as well. I can't fix this. I uninstalled FSX Steam as well as all FTX Orbx stuff and then re installed everything. Even without an add on scenery in my folder and only Orbx free airports it still happens. I have run the airport elevation thing numerous times to no avail. This is making me crazy. I have done the migrate thing as well. What now? Why is this happening especially after a clean install of both FSX and Orbx. Please help. Pete. Wiarton.BMP
  13. Thanks for the info and thanks to all Orbx people, this is fantastic software and company.
  14. Glad you found a resolution to the issue thanks to David. Happy flying everyone! Pete.
  15. Hi Holger Here is what I found and maybe it is what is causing the double AI planes issue. In User..AppData..Roaming..Microsoft.. FSX..simobjects....there are 7 folders, airplanes, animals, boats, groundvehicles, misc, rotorcraft, and traffic. Maybe this last folder traffic is the one causing double planes?? In that traffic folder are folders called names like this: JFAI_A380 but these folders are empty when I look into them! What do you think? Thanks Pete.
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