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  1. Very interesting, i hope it will be published soon. MSFS 2020 does not correctly reproduce the old WWII hangar of the RAF still present in many airports, including civil ones. Will your product correct this deficiency? Many thanks Maurizio Rizzotto
  2. Great, everything worked perfectly! Possibly, in case of similar problems in P3D, can this procedure be used? Thank you very much! Maurizio Rizzotto
  3. Hello, i purchased ENTO for MSFS2020 (order n. 6009a9c5575ad), but when the installation was complete Central issued an error message sayind that one file was not correctly installed, and that it was therefore necessary to Verify the installation itself. Executed several times this procedure the same error message appeared but never on the same file but always on different files (judging by the progressive number of controlled files). I tried both reistalling the product several times and deleting the rolling cache and the Content.xml file but no avail. If after an incomplete installation i tried to take off from ENTO this caused an immediate CTD. How can I resolve the situation? Thanks. Maurizio Rizzotto
  4. Hello, problem solved! It was an installation obviously not successful, the migration to the external library and the subsequent Verify via Central did not change the situation. In central I uninstalled Buildings HD, closed central i launched P3Dv5 to update the status of the simulator. After closing P3D i reinstalled Buildings HD and the problem disappeared. It is however true that v5 has differences compared to v4 and in fact the cityscape has not benefited from this change in management. Thanks for everything Maurizio Rizzotto
  5. Hello, thanks for the suggestion, but i think it is a different problem from the one illustrated in the post: as it is visible in the Buildings HD image it is present and active (the other buildings actually those of your product) but for some buildings the replacement does not take place and sometimes it seems there is overlap between Buildings HD and the generated buildings of the P3Dv5. In p3Dv4 this did not happen, both when your prodyuct was installed in the simulator directory and when it weas moved to an external directory. For P3Dv5 the problem occurs both when Buildings HD was installed int he simulator directory and when it was moved to the exeternal one. Incidentally, flying on Israeli territory i encountered the same problem: Buildings HD present and active but strange blu buildings absent in P3Dv4. I think there is a bug somewhere and i think it is fair to report it to you. Best regards Maurizio Rizzotto
  6. Hi, in P3Dv4 Bildings HD (FSS0454876) completely replaces buildings with excellent results. In P3Dv5 (also with hotfix 1) some new buildings have appeared which are not replaced by Buildings HD but also seem to conflict with thew Orbx product. The first enclosed image is taken after taking off from LIPR Rimini Airport, but is also present elsewhere (eg Turin) and therefore generalized. In addition to Buildings HD, Global BASE (FSS0453207), Global openLC Europe (FSS0453419), Trees HD (FSS0454876). Is this reported a problem with my installation (i did Verify in Central anyway) or a problem between P3Dv5 and Buildings HD? Best regards Maurizio Rizzotto
  7. Hello, problem solved by deleting the file Veh_USCG_Cutter_orbx; also thanks for the technical explanantion. Best regards Maurizio Rizzotto
  8. Hello, thanks for the reply, after downloading the latest updates the pop-ups related to Broome have disappeared, while the first pop-up remains. I will try to delete the indicated yacht. Thank you very much. Maurizio Rizzotto
  9. Good morning, i use P3Dv5. Initially i had installed the Orbx products purchased (all Orbx products for P3D) in the simulator directories and no problems occurred. Later i procedeed to transfer an external library. While the simulator is loading, the 4 pop-ups appear (in the attachment). Uninstalling Broome (58507b89125c7) only the first pop-up remains, of which i was unable to understand the origin. By reinstalling Broome both inside P3D and in external library the other 3 pop-ups reappear. What do you recommend? Best regards Maurizio RIzzotto
  10. Hi, no, i only installed Orbx products. best regards Maurizio Rizzotto
  11. Hello, sorry for the bad english. In P3Dv5 i installed all the Orbx products for this simulator. Taking off from LIMN you can see this anomaluos and solid extrusion: fling throug the simultion it stops due to impact aganist an obstacle. The Orbx product used in the area are: Global base (5C68E-BECA3-455F4), Global openLC Europe (F6B37-5DB5E-9826F), Trees HD (0D4D9-2DBC9-23963), Global Buildings HD (5d1872a15dddb). I have tried both Verify and reinstallation of openLC Europe, but to no avail. I am also disappointed by the choice not to bring Vector: many POI in Italy are thus eliminated. Is an Italian region concevaible? Best regards Maurizio Rizzotto
  12. Hello, the file is present only in the external library directory to P3D, but physically located on the same SSd. Thanks for the quick response. Maurizio Rizzotto
  13. Hello, I have the same problem in P3Dv4.5 (Hotfix2), but the file indicated is already with the extension OFF. The product (FSS0530226) is installed in a directory outside the P3D root folder. Thanks Maurizio Rizzotto
  14. Hello, the crash occours both with and without Vector activated. Regards Maurizio Rizzoto
  15. Goodmorning everyone, I encountered the same problem, using three different aircraft and also trying to touch after the middle of the track. The problem does not arise if you take off and land in the opposite direction. The crash occurs both with GB True Heart and with "normal" GB and is located in the track header. Hoping to have been helpful, I offer my regards. Maurizio Rizzotto
  16. Hi , my idea is LIMA airport, near Torino (northwest Italy) and Susa valley (Alps). Kin regards
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