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  1. Wow no idea. Last I read manfred was holding on bombers as he wasn't happy with interiors after the c97. Going for this one asap. Fills in a nice segment of SAC history. thanks for the info and your shots
  2. Wow, which version is this? The only B-50 I know of is the really old series from F2004 or earlier (there were some B-50s and Silverplate 29s in those sets, they are way outdated). Is it payware or freeware?
  3. Mine too. Im glad it has remained as versatile as it has ( I remember I held out on FSX and flew FS2004 for quite some time too). And Renault, as you proved, FSX still has it where it counts. Great set!
  4. Another great round of shots! Looks like your having a JP-4 kind of week. Nice collection of jets all around!
  5. Nice Jack! Where were you? That water looks nice. Jet does too though, at least until the end. Im sure it will all buff out.
  6. Amazing! I need to either find or make a bicentennial skin for the Aerosoft turkey. This may be inspiration here! Some really good paints that year on US military birds. Nice shots!
  7. Nice Iain! Nice crisp desert country. That 737 with straight engines looks good. And oh how I miss continental. Hasn't been the same since they merged.
  8. Another nice set of heavies. Im glad the OOM issue was solved. Id hate to have to be the UPS pilot explaining OOM to customers why their package didn't make it
  9. My favorite for sure. That's cool Jack, small world. Id have to ask my uncle, but I do wonder if the ravens were the upgrade program he worked on. Im fond of that one as well. A rare bird and a nice sunset over Galveston.
  10. Only the best! Pointy ends, wings, silver where possible are my favorite! That's cool Jack. I forget which paint I flew for that photo. That orbx scenery is somewhere near Ft Worth in FSX. My maternal grandfather and uncle both worked at Convair then GD Ft. Worth. My grandfather was at the plant when they rolled out the first one and my uncle worked drafting re-wiring for them in the early-mid Eighties, all on the civilian side. Thanks, they were fun to collect and fly. 3 of em were freeware and while I used my payware versions I there are inexpensive versions of the others.
  11. One of these days im going to have to get up and out of FSX proper and move on up. That's spectacular!
  12. Captured in natural habitats thanks to orbx.
  13. Whether its Utah or California or anywhere in the Southwest US, Orbx does that 'nothing' justice. Thanks for these shots. I was fortunate to have to take business trips to Logan Utah a few years back and I remember being surprised how pretty it all is. Grand shots of a grand part of the country.
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