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  1. True, but also good to post here to get other people's views and optinon on what they think about it too for feedback, I would join there discord but part of 100 atm so a bit stuck there unless I get the Nitro which I don't really see me getting.
  2. Hello, So not to brag about anything but I feel the leaderboard system for airports needs like some sort of requirements met before you flight will count towards going out of that airport and to it, as I currently have 27 Flights out of Heathrow all legit legs etc and I was in close competition with "RoopeZ" with 21 flight all legit too. But then someone called "not_oxi" has came along out of now where and now has 24 flight all cause he is using simulation rates to get the flights done faster, from the second image I attached. I feel that Volanta should do a check to see if you use simulation rate or not and if you don't then count it towards the number of flights in/out of that airport, if you do use it then it will not count towards the airport or leaderboards but still log it in your "Flights" Why should it be like this? People like myself like to take simulation serious and not take advantage of a simulation rate to get top of leaderboards, myself and RoopeZ we have nice some friendly competition with legit flying to and from places in real time, until someone that probably has no idea what he is doing just gets up in the air to cruise and just does max simulation rate to climb a leaderboard. Hopefully this sugestion will get looked into for the hard/ immersion flight simmers so the leaderboards can be like a taken proper with legit flying. Thanks Beedan
  3. Hi Nick, I did that already from the link from 737NG from the start of the post and no change, but I might have it working I need to do a test with it and see and if it is I will report back Thanks Again
  4. Any LC or region based stuff are installed into the main P3D root folder, all my airports are in a seperate folder outside of that main folder in a folder called "P3D V5 Addons" Main root folder
  5. Hello, Nope it is on the entire of the US at the moment from what I am seeing, currently flying over the US heading to SFO and only have Global and OpenLC America and seeeing black night texture coming through conflicting with the daylight snow textures Thanks
  6. Thanks, I will give that a try and see if that help Update: Tried it didn't fix the issue
  7. Hello, I recently reinstalled my OpenLC NA in P3D 5.2 HF1 and went to test it after it was installed and loaded up into FlightBeam KIAD and went into Top down view to see if there was any issues and I was met with this? I only have Global, OpenLC NA & Trees HD, No night lighting addon etc just base Any way of fixing this would be great, I also tried to verify the files too but nothing Thanks
  8. Looking great as always when it comes to the amount of detail from Edinburgh into Glasgow from these shots. Just a question? Any plans to bring it to P3D? Keep up the great work
  9. Hello, I tried that still never worked for me so I download it manually from the website and it worked that way rather than trying to do it from the client it's self. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I am trying to update my Orbx Libraries from the FTX Central 3 but keep getting this error. Thanks
  11. Yep, we found the issue and it is now resolved The problem was that FTX Global was at the top of the scenery library list rather than the individual areas like FTX England, South Cali, North Cali etc
  12. Hello, I was just climbing out of KLAX in the PMDG 737 and that looked like that... I have kind of figures out the problem and that it is the sectors trying to load on top of global... Aka if i have FTX Global and FTX South Cali both active the textures won't load If i untick FTX South Cali in the Scenery library the textures will load, which is what i am finding weird Also i tried refreshing my FSX.cfg and still blurry textures.
  13. PC Specs: I7 4790 (3.60Ghz), GTX 750 TI, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7, FSX Boxed, Dx10 Fixer
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