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  1. Just for your information, using the System Monitor, I find that running Orbx England with P3Dv4.5 I get a constant memory usage of 37 or 38%. Flying the same aircraft in TE GB South my memory usage starts at about 34% and just keeps going up and up until I get OOM after about 15 minutes.
  2. Finally got it. 8 hours start to finish. It is confusing that when Extracting/Installing the Time Remaining jams on 15:33:32. I ignored it and eventually it installed.
  3. Used FTX Central to install via an external drive. Downloaded and extraction started but at 50% it stalled and I got over 300 error pop-up windows.
  4. Done that. It didn't say, 'not enough room' until the download was complete. I have 100s of Gb to spare. I just noticed that I have the download option back, currently attempting to use FTX Central to download to an external drive.
  5. I tried to install Netherlands TrueEarth through FTX Central. It downloaded, extracted 2% and failed. I tried downloading manually but the download failed at 70gb I tried FTX Central again and it told me that I didn't have enough space. I tried downloading manually again and it failed again. I tried deleting the entries in my app data files and used FTX Central again, it downloaded but would not extract. I deleted the app data entries again and was going to download manually again, but my account now says 'No download available' Help, please. Purchase ID 5ae07855e1f1c
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