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  1. I could not seem to get enough power to climb after takeoff. I was starting each flight on active runway with engine running. I finally noticed that the mixture was setting itself less than half. After setting mixture to full, I've had no more issues with this aircraft and find it to be a great little sight seeing plane for low and slow flights.
  2. I was disappointed not to see any of these Orbx products in the the Xbox market place when I fired up the sim for the first time this morning. I too am ready willing and able to purchase these packs as soon as they are available .
  3. Fantastic!!! I can't wait to buy this being by current home town. I have a general question for the developers, I understand that this cityscape will be a representation of Brisbane at a certain point in time. I can see in one of the pictures the Roma Street Transit Center and attached Hotel Jen, however as at today's date, this entire block has been demolished to make way for new buildings as part of the cross river rail project. Also, the Queens Wharf project (the biggest thing to hit Brisbane in decades) is now in the early stages of construction. Are these things likely to be in the final release, or could they be considered in future updates? Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks Doug I'll give it a try when I get home tonight Cheers
  5. I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. Because of incredibly slow loading times I deleted the fsx.cfg hoping that it would rebuild itself on startup, which it did however I now cannot load any other scenery except the default Friday Harbor (Orbx). I foolishly didn't do a back up before I did this. If I try to select any other airport in the world, including orbx or default airports, FSX freezes up (not responding) and eventually crashes. Once I click the arrow on an airport name that's where it stops, it wont even try to load it. I'd really don't want to reinstall everything because my internet in not particularly fast. It may be time for me to bite the bullet and move on to prepar3d or XP11 and start over again. In the meantime does anyone have any suggestion to get FSX working again? I'm using Orbx Central and have AUS V2 and many many orbx additions. Thanks Tony
  6. Hi all, These are the specs to my flight sim computer: Win 7 64, i7 3770K @4.2Ghz; GA-Z77X-D3H; 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz; ATI 7850 2GB; I use a single 32 inch monitor. I have AU2 and all AU airports plus other world regions airports vector ect. I'm experiencing VAS out of memory crash after a few minutes over Gold Coast and Melbourne. I also have to keep frame rates locked at 30 to stop blurries. I realise that my hardware is a little dated by today's standards. I think my video card may be the weak link here. Would upgrading to a 6 or 8 gig video card solve my issues? I'd appreciate people's thoughts on the matter. Thank you Tony
  7. I had exactly the same problem, deactivating OzX Liguria scenery resolved the problem.
  8. The last flight I took with my grandfather before he turned in his wings. We took off from his property outside of Stanthorpe in his Piper Aztec C and headed east to the coast, then headed south down the coast all the way to Kempsey where we stopped for lunch. A late afternoon flight home and touched down just as the daylight was fading. A perfect day for flying low level along the beaches. My granddad has since passed away but it was a day I'll never forget.
  9. Brilliant pic, very realistic. Can I ask where did you find that piper? Who makes that model. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Oh wait, it's a real photo. Still a great pic though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Just confirming I took Ed's advice and it worked fine. A trick to remember for next time. Thanks for your quick response as well Cheers
  11. Ok, so I have Pilots Mesh FTX, AUS SP4, Orbx Melbourne, FTX Global and upgraded just now to Vector 1.1. First flight was Melbourne in hybrid mode and canyons etc appeared. I reloaded in Oceania and the same result. The main runway, taxiways and parts of the terminal buildings are covered in massive holes and spikes. I'm trying to upload pics but OZx image hosting isn't working right now. I guess this is an airport elevation issue but everything was fine in Vector 1. Any ideas guys? Tony
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