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  1. This is gonna be so great for all the awesome long-haul Africa routes from Europe and the Middle East!
  2. Why haven't there been any more screenshots? Usually after a product enters beta stage it gets released quite soon I've noticed.. Are there problems with the product again? After everything that happened I'm starting to get a bit paranoid regarding the release of this product.
  3. So the software is in beta now? Is this true for both the Africa and Asia region? And does this mean we will soon start seeing preview pictures in the preview forum?
  4. Are the projects still on track? I hope we soon start to see some previews! Really looking forward to exploring these long neglected regions!
  5. I really hope you guys will be showing screens from the alpha testing phase already as well! Looking forward to both packages a lot!
  6. Hello, I read in the Australia topic a post from JV saying that OpenLC Africa was supposed to enter beta more than a week ago around the same time as Australia V2. Now Australia V2 has been announced with lots of screenshots but still nothing about Africa.. Any news on this? Myself, and I think lots of others, are really looking forward to finally hearing (and seeing!) something more about this release! Greetings
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