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  1. I'm supporting this too. I know it's only 37 posts so far but hey, it's too great a chance to pass up!
  2. Waiting for the download to finish, enjoying the screenshots from the one country I know a little bit about Looking forward to get more of an impression of it by flying over!
  3. It's amazing, it just looks so alive. You can really imagine that it's actually a national park
  4. Amazing, I'm downloading right now And while I know this was probably the last of OpenLC I still have some small hope Anyways just glad it's here now!
  5. I for my part am very excited for this, it will enhance my simulator a lot for new scenarios and flights in a region I've neglected! Had a very busy work week but kept checking the preview threads for new screenshot every day, hope some come soon :)
  6. Hi Nick Thanks for the help. I'll try that. I just know last time I had some problems with it because I also use an addon mesh and it took me a long time to get every addon to play along nicely.
  7. Hi Nick, One single backup I entirely enough because only after the installing of the Orbx Central I got to read that I should have noted the insertion points of the scenery library before. I didn't know they would be lost. If the installer made a single copy while installing then I could have just looked up the insertion points no problem whatsoever. Now I'll have to see if I can easily extract single files from my backup to figure out where it used to be inserted. Best, David
  8. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Issue: scenery.cfg backup missing Every program I've ever installed that modifies my scenery.cfg creates a backup. Usually in the same folder. Unfortunately I can't find it, so where did you save a copy? If there's no copy of the old scenery.cfg see this as a feature request for the installer. If you make it easy to upgrade please also make it foolproof. So unless there is a scenery.cfg backup that I can use to figure out the insertion points, please see this not as an issue but as an urgent feature request to save other simmers from wasting time on what's to be supposed to be a simple upgrade. Notably, one I was advised to do urgently by FTX global! central.log
  9. My wish would be the Southern Rockies with all of Colorado included But we'll find out!
  10. So, it works again: After disabling all scenery and letting FTX Central regenerate the Autogen files, it still didn't work. I suspected that Santorini X might have something to do with it, but couldn't prove it. Anyways, since I had everything disabled except ORBX stuff I knew something was up. I was considering reinstalling FTX Global, but didn't really want to. So I forced remigration of the unified lclookup and that solved everything it seems! Even after enabling Santorini X again and adding the original autogen with Santorini x, everything seems to work now in Norway and Santorini. Not sure how the problem arose but it may be worth checking for other people before reinstalling everything! Thank you for the help again Michael! Best, David
  11. Thank you Michael that is very helpful! I didn't think it could have to do with sceneries not in the area, but of course if it overwrites some autogen info that is a perfect explanation. I'll try to find out today what scenery causes my problems and report here. Best, David
  12. Hi all, I have a weird problem with my new FTX region Norway. For some reason in the center of Oslo where the custom buildings are, there is no autogen. There's literally a hole but you can see the autogen in the distance in the screenshots. I've seen a similar but much much smaller area like that in Stavanger, there I thought it was just because I didn't have Autogen all the way up. I've tried it with the maximum autogen density and it looked the same. Simulator: FSX (Gold edition, including SP2/Acceleration) with DIRECTX10 Preview (+ Steve's Fixer) Orbx FTX EU Norway + OpenLC EU + Vector + Global Airports of Norway Freeware scenery (disabling it did not help) FS Global Ultimate Mesh. System OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (including Creators Update) Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.60GHz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) BaseBoard Manufacturer ASRock Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB Page File Space 2.38 GB I suspect it must have some interaction with either the Mesh or some other scenery, but I've checked and besides Orbx stuff and airports of Norway I don't have anything for Norway installed. Any help is appreciated, in the meanwhile I'll explore the parts where there cannot be houses missing Thank you, David
  13. Let's hope that is true Definitely looking forward to that!
  14. I also want to second this. I knew what to expect from a landclass upgrade and it fully holds. Now I'm able to figure out where I am based on parks, streets and even city districts. And it is fun comparing fsx and google earth/maps so I can read up on what I flew over. I look forward to doing that many times before I can give a proper opinion of the LC itself. On my machine it seems to use a bit more VAS than before, but that is fully justified with all the big and little improvements. However, the main highlight for me is the night lighting. It's not an improvement, it's a revolution. Flying over LA seeing the city lights not only close but also far is almost breathtaking and that on my single old screen! Who would've thought FSX can do something like that. So Thank you ORBX and good luck with your future plans, including the building of your own infrastructure. Keep going (Oh and please do me the favor of never abandoning FSX )
  15. Similar problems here I had to download Part 1 3 times, Part4 2 times and Part 2 is now downloading the third time. Still missing .7 8. and .10 Make sure you keep the parts that are okay! (Interestingly Part 3 worked immediately) Good luck for the rest!
  16. Do you have any tips for avoiding MD5 errors? I'm using Flashget but it does not seem to help much (by MD5 errors I mean that something gets corrupted during the download.)
  17. Just purchase it with the same account in your cart it should automatically be applied. At least that's how it was for me
  18. Go directly to the flightsimstore.com website there it is as the very first product on the homepage ...
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