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  1. I upgraded to a 9 series processor and a 20 series card and do not get any better frame rates than you . Don't expect better performance by upgrading hardware. I am on RTX 2080 and 16Gig of ram . 32gig of ram and rtx 2080ti may be better but not wasting more money to find out .
  2. Can I have a try and buy still cant true earth and stock eglc to work let alone adding this on . Recommended specs and settings for a smooth performance with true earth please.
  3. Sorry for negativity and thanks for your great help . Will format my PC sometime soon and clean install again fed up with London at the moment lots else to see and do.
  4. cheers bruce been trying London again still judders on turns heavily. No idea why at least I have ftx England which runs well find the same in Southampton other places better.Wasted loads of hours trying to get to work There is some dodgy poi or building there wish Orbx would actually get there heads out of xplane and look .Looking at buildings HD and would love it just nerovous how bad this xplane port has been. I have been following it for 2 years and seems a work of love from the lead developer not just some xplane garbage ported and tweaked.
  5. I am on a i7 9700k same as you and RTX 2080 . Never had ooms how much actual ram do you have 16Gig or 32 Gig I am on 16 gig
  6. I will have to give your settings another try did not work for me last time and my hardware is better
  7. after the disaster of TE GB Im holding off not sure rtx 2080 is man enough. Specs please ORBX this time video card memory and processor of course if you to fix TEGB I would be more willing to part with my money. EX ORBX fan .
  8. ftx England is great highly recommend not visually as good as TE but stutter free in most places wish I could make TE work well not clever enough
  9. welcome to te Uk south all I can say is good luck wish I could help still trying to get answers
  10. What can be done to reduce the vram on TEGB south already on 1024 and low sliders .
  11. Sorry Nick not your fault , I have re read my posts in case I have not been clear . I have re read the great advice by the contributors all valid and I would would advise anyone to have seperate graphics configs depending where you are. .fx files are fps eaters agree . Traffic are FPS eaters . LOD autogen density lighting weather . I cannot figure out a combination that works . My fault I am not clever enough to work it out for myself . I just wanted some settings help as the recommended ones in this thread no longer worked for me. JV did this initially a lot has changed since then I have to take it this thread is no longer valid and it cant be done . Thanks for your help TE now to be disabled over London no longer able to achieve it . Thank god FTX England still works . Don't worry I will no longer contribute to this all buyers of course be warned . I will keep an eye on things here in case any further info comes up.
  12. and some very detailed answers from me . Unless I am mistaken the two excellent and helpful replys were not from Orbx . Unfortunately as all answers I had already covered ie Sliders . I know how to operate sliders but if by chance can someone from the orbx team post with the memory, vram and ram overhead sliders that will now work post 4.5 hotfix I will be happy . I cannot find a combination that will , maybe my skill is not up to it. If my hardware is lacking I also need to identify . If anyone has achieved a working London setup with 16gig of ram and 8 gig of vram love to hear from you with your settings but do feel this is ORBX responsibility. Nice to hear from you Nick and thanks for keeping an eye on the forum you try hard . Apologies for the xplane quip was meant to be tongue in cheek but as long term customer it does feel that orbx is no longer interested in P3D customers .
  13. no good for London for me rest of TE great cant get an answer from Orbx waiting for a reply on separate thread now since Wednesday maybe I should post the xplane forum
  14. Again Wain I understand and know this . I don't report issuses without a lot of comprehensive testing and elimination . London is a nightmare I know .I cannot now find a set of settings that works since 4.5 . Brilliant now on FTX England best I have ever seen since 4.5 HF1 . Hotfix 1 has improved TE remarkably but something is overloading my system in London . My settings are JVs own settings all I ask is Orbx check that all is ok and something has not been missed in London . Could be just one set of custom autogen If anyone has a set of settings which is smooth Not high FPS could they post as well as a screen grab of task manager like I did . If there is a fault on my PC I want to know and fix it . If my hardware is not up to the job then can someone say . If it works well for everbody else then I will be hitting the reformat button and saying thanks for identifying the fault it was my system.,
  15. Thank you Mace and any help from other individuals are much appreciated but was hoping a developer might be able to advise . My settings are here I have a 1080p monitor and my system appears to be running out of memory. So settings are incorrect . The memory usage has nearly doubled since LM 4.5 came in and has not changed with the hotfix . I have tried your advice and no change . Posted Wednesday and not even an acknowledgement from Orbx this is really bad . Same DA 62
  16. My PC well meets the minimum specs quoted in this forum Please could you comment Is there still a bug on the software. or has the recommended settings changed post LM hot fix everywhere else bar London is smooth . Sim keeps trying to jump to a reasonable 30-40 fps but is being held back and I cannot find a setting that works .I have spent a lot of money upgrading hardware in the last few months . What is going on !!!!!!! Lack of input from Orbx is now deafening. I will shut up and wait for yet another hotfix and happily fly somewhere else just want some advise from the Orbx staff . If I require another 16 gig of ram will purchase but I want to know first money is not going down the drain.
  17. Nothing on this , no thoughts . 2 months after purchase and still waiting to fly over London .Starting to get ratty. Been nice and patient and waited for all the various hotfixes.
  18. The latest hotfix is a vast improvement for true earth and highly recommended . Only issue is the trouble spot of London . The sim wants to run at 30-40fps over uk but judders back to 15. As you can see from attached image I believe I am running out of RAM Vram and standard memory .This is on JVs recommended settings . I have an RTX 2080 and 16 gig 3200mhz memory. I have tried every adjustment I can think of and cant improve. Your help gents would be much appreciated so close to a perfect sim every other area is fine and ftx England over London is smooth.
  19. Hi Rob , first thing I though when I saw high vram was Max _texture and had LM changed it . I tried way back on 4.4 your tweak but reverted always delete config on new release and no tweaking anymore . Waiting to see if LM come up with anything.
  20. 4.4 JV settings No weather 30hz refresh rate and vsync onOrbx TrueEarth at Southampton EGHI DA62 no weather Ram 4.4 7meg 4.5 12.4 meg Vram 4.4 4 meg 4.5 7meg
  21. I have seen Robs table for Vram and memory and not bad cant say the same for me Vram for me with 4.5 JV settings very modest No weather 30hz refresh rate and vsync on Orbx TrueEarth at Southampton EGHI DA62 no weather Ram 12.4 Vram 7 start flying and this rises My system has 16gig of ram and a RTX 2080 hence my concern Did go back to 4.4 yesterday and condiderably lower but have not got figures at least 3 gig lower FTX England at Southampton EGHI DA62 no weather Ram 6.2 gig vram 3.2 True earth certainly hates 4.5 reposting this in P3D forum
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