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  1. Sorry for the double post. How do I connect to Volanta with MSFS 2020. It says start my simulator to automatically connect, but it still says that even when I am flying. Thank you for your help!
  2. How do I get it to recognize/connect to my sim. I am using MSFS 2020. It keeps telling me to start me sim.
  3. I agree, that's why I meant Southern Alaska might be a good place to do some MSFS versions of existing products there and to add a Seward airport, not actually fix MSFS for free. It was one of their first NA products irc and MSFS has some gaps that would make Orbx products appealing. Other areas look so good I wouldn't be as interested in paying for upgrades.
  4. Wow, thank you for posting the water fix, i can't wait to try. Man that website has a lot of ads that say "download here," taking me awhile to find the right one!
  5. Sure I can do that. I posted here, though, because I wasn't really expecting Orbx to fix it in the game as much as hope they offer MSFS versions of what they already have in the area. I'm not too confident that Asobo has time to fix everything in Alaska and the world, but thought maybe it could encourage Orbx to make updated versions of some of their South Alaska products.
  6. Alaska is awesome in MSFS, but could really use some help by Orbx. For Southern Alaska,the Homer marina on the spit is underwater and could use a MSFS version of the Orbx airport. Seward airport seems to be missing completely. It might be a great place for an Orbx airport. There are also strange elevation glitches especially around lakes such as Lower Summit Lake by Cooper Landing. Any way Southern Alaska or various high need spots can get the Orbx treatment? Seems like an area that could benefit a lot from Orbx because it is not a 3d city region by Microsoft but Orbx has already done a lot of work there and could be of lower investment to fix than other sports. Also I think I saw that Anchorage International Airport is missing a tower, it looked great int he Orbx Southern Alaska region. Thanks all!
  7. Hello, I was really looking forward to the release of the new Flight Simulator and converting my Orbx software to it. I wasn't really worried about the minimum requirements because I had 16 GB Ram and an Intel i7 processor. Only to learn after downloading the game that my computer does not meet the requirements. Turns out, my i7 is old and not as fast as current i5s and my graphics card is out of date. I was wondering if you all had any recommendations for computers that will be able to handle the game well and cost under $2,000 and if at all possible under $1,000? Since I have 16 GB of RAM on my current computer, there is a possibility I can just transfer whatever is in the old computer to the new computer I get if it is compatible, or is RAM now out of date since 4 years ago? (Don't know what kind of RAM at the moment) Don't really need long battery life or mobility, mainly want something fast and that isn't going to break down in a year. I looked at some of the other hardware threads, but wanted to start this one as they are particular to my concerns and don't want to end up buying things that seem good but are no longer fast. Thanks all!
  8. Thank you for posting, I look forward to trying this out!
  9. Thanks! I was thinking in terms of the total of each side of the perimeter rather than extending from a center point!
  10. Hi thank you all for the information! I'm a bit confused because the product description cited 100 square kilometers. Wasn't sure if that extended into Troy or Libby, but it seemed larger than a few miles.
  11. Hello, I was interested in buying scenery covering Western Montana. Does the Bonners Ferry photoreal coverage extend into Lincoln County Montana towns such as Libby and Troy?
  12. Is there any chance there could be a special discount to help those out that have bought a large number of ORBX products, or sales on top of the discounts? Even with 40% off or something, re-purchasing 6 products would get really expensive. Best.
  13. Hello, I have been doing a good deal of work on ArcGIS lately , so I have become interested in developing small scenery fixes or projects. As I understand it, FSX tends to use its own software programs, but I would imagine there are some similar principles for development. I was wondering if there is a good resource for developing legal ORBX scenery, and which software would be necessary? I have seen ones for regular FSX, but would want to incorporate ORBX technology/scenery objects. Outside an existing resource, of course feel free to offer suggestions. BTW, I'm familiar with distinctions between mesh, landclass, vector, etc.
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