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  1. Hello guys, I bought FTX Trees HD as DLC in Steam for my FSX:SE. I want to buy P3D but not to rebuy Trees HD because the standalone is also for both sims. Is there any possibility to get the standalone for free or get it in P3D to work? Would appreciate it if it would work. Although a rebuy for 10 bucks because of the awesome sale would not be that bad. Anyway, it would be unnecessary. Greetings Moritz (German, sorry for grammar mistakes)
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering why my streets have no lines on it. They are just grey lines. A friend of mine has also ORBX and he has markings. Also, I bought FTX Trees HD via Steam DLC for my FSX:SE. Should I uncheck now in FTX Central 2 "Use ORBX trees"? I use: FSX:SE; ORBX Global; ORBX Vextor; ORBX OpenLC Europe and FTX Trees HD. Order Number: FSS0427581 Thanks for your replies. Moritz
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