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  1. Thanks Doug. What about that red tone on TE region ?
  2. Thanks. Considering I fly only the west part of the US, from Alaska to SoCal, does that mean Base and Vector are mandatory for the regions not covered by True Earth ? Last question, when True Earth is installed I noticed the landscape is a bit "reddish" (cf. picture below, at the limit of the True Earth region on the right of the aircraft). The "non" True Earth area looks much more realistic. Is there a particular reason ?
  3. My disk space is nearly full, I decided to move all the Orbx scenaries to another disk. With P3D5.3, are the Global Base and Vector still mandatory with "True Earth" regions ? (I use too the "Central Rockies", "Northern California" regions, etc..)
  4. Hello Nick, Yes, it's north of Soap Lake, shortly before Columbia River crossing. Strangely, it happens only over plains, mountains are ok.
  5. Flying between KEAT and KSEA. What are these square patches on the ground ? (True Earth area).
  6. Thanks. What would be the difference between TE + NA regions and TE alone ?
  7. When purchasing TE, should it be installed over existing NA regions or should these regions be uninstalled first ?
  8. It's a detail, but it seems someone messed up with the installation…
  9. Ah, OK, I missed it. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks !
  10. Thanks, but the original map was based on the Orbx area (Pacific NW, Northers California, etc).
  11. Flying mostly in northern California, I used to check the Orbx global coverage map (NA) but the one I used on Google is dead. Is there another coverage map available ? Thanks. G.
  12. Nick, Side question, does the Freemesh X add-on brings an improvement on the Orbx environment?
  13. Nick, That was it. Thanks. I have yet to understand how these entries were disabled...
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