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  1. Really want to do this! But so much work to reinstall everything!
  2. The daily grind is alive and well in ORBX-land! Never know what you're going to find when you look around behind the scenes.
  3. Doesn't get much better than Palm Springs!
  4. Good looking scenery and aircraft. Both added to the wanted list!
  5. Really enjoying this fresh install as you can see. Back at Barth-Stralsund in the JustFlight PA-28R Arrow doing a few circuits as pictured here. Since I've been away for so many months, think I might have to treat myself to some new airports next! Pictured: Freeware EDBH FTX Global JF PA-28R Arrow III Envtex/Envshade
  6. So I took a lot of time off, okay, a little too much time off. Now I'm back, starting off fresh but doing it slowly! After a clean install of P3D, I'm doing a little bit of testing to see how to optimize things to my liking. So far, the only thing installed is FTX Global, ENVSHADE, this AWESOME Piper Arrow and the classic Orbx freeware EDBH. Lots more screenshots to come (hopefully) once I start adding more of my add ons, don't want to move to fast!
  7. Thanks for the welcome back. Just got off the ground in route to Phoenix.
  8. I've been away from the hobby full-on for about a year and a half now, but I'm finally getting everything installed once again. Trying to get my groove back if you will. Here's a couple shots from Palm Springs before I indulge in the end-of-year sale. Any recommendations I can't pass up? I know the Southern California region is first on the list. But without any further rambling...
  9. Haven't posted in awhile, but decide to do a little evening flight around Sacramento in one of my favorite offerings.
  10. Picked up mine! This is one top notch aircraft.
  11. Took advantage of nice weather at home for a trip in the sleek Corvalis TT from St. Louis Downtown (KCPS) to the airport I work at, Spirit of St. Louis (KSUS). Next, took a lap around Bowerman in the beloved Cherokee--one of these days, I really need to buy an airport for my for my PNW region. First one I bought, but only one I don't have an airport for! Anyways, enjoy.
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