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  1. It's sad to see that two months after the NL update, the issue with "Shed model" hasn't been addressed by ORBX. I spent most of yesterday's evening troubleshooting my install because after a short break from flying in P3D I went back to NL and out of sudden I started experiencing blurries on both 4.4 and 4.5 and terrible loading times on 4.5. Just unticking those options in ORBX control panel made the issue go away. Not to mention there are several threads reporting similar issues on the forum without a fix posited, instead the people get the usual "lower your setting, lock the FPS" answers.
  2. Have you considered an option to download and install only one season of the scenery at once? I understand that having four (or five) seasons is one of the main selling points and something that puts you above an average photoscenery, on the other hand many of us won't need the winter textures untill... , well, winter. It would be cool to swap the seasonal textures on the HDD as the year goes by, especially when we get more and more photoregions, each close to 100GB volume.
  3. Thanks. I added those to the map. I think that Perth is also a confirmed development, though probably we'll wait a bit longer for that one
  4. If you open the map through map view (not embedded link), then you can download KML using the menu in the upper left corner: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1oMki4fAslLZKQiCQIn2fNSvvzG0&ll=27.98200169567477%2C-35.42942859375&z=4
  5. Hello guys, this is a map that I've created for myself, but I found it quite cool so decided to share. It is basically a copy of the official Orbx product map, but I made several changes: - added standalone freeware airports - added airports from the 2018 roadmap - color coded the airports. This is to easier decide which ones are suitable for different kind of airplanes. The coding is as follows: BROWN - grass strips ORANGE - small paved GA airfields, LIGHT GREEN - bigger GA / small regional airports suitable for Dash 8 or a bizjet DARK GREEN - airports suitable for 737 BLUE - regional and international airports, with enough runway and parking place for at least 757 I did not use any fixed criteria for this classification, rather a combination of runway length, apron size, real world schedules and common sense. So there can be some errors or you may not agree with the classification. But I hope you'll find it useful https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-fqf4PZR7FHf0M7L3M_d2t5o2AuFgO22&usp=sharing
  6. Not sure if that's what you ask for, but you can locate the airports on the official FTX airports map, and each one has a link to the store page: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1oMki4fAslLZKQiCQIn2fNSvvzG0&hl=en&ll=20.331460336503987%2C1.1110967500000015&z=3
  7. Yes, hit the Apply and restarted FTX Central, confirmed that all checkboxes are ticked. That's how it looks: http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/5172/q2zd.png
  8. Should they work with vector roads added by UTX? If so, what is the proper procedure to enable them? On my FSX I see FTX 3D lights only on textures' roads, even if I turn on "vector road lights" in the FTX central.
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