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  1. Hi Nick. Objectflow isn't in Documents. It found it's way into C:\Orbx Scenery instead. That being the library folder I made during the Orbx Central setup. Still delete/reinstall?
  2. Hard to know where to put this. Nick, would you move it if this is wrong? Installed GB 1, II and III. Fine Uninstalled the old ENG. Fired up P3Dv4.5 and get this OKing it sends me onward and upward and I haven't yet noticed anything untoward. I've had a dig around but couldn't find anything obvious(or NOT obvious either) How to rid myself of the pesky thing?
  3. It seems it does. I only have the Libraries weather and 7 is there.
  4. It has to be said that Nick must be not paying attention. Given that he had contributed to the very thread that Tym pointed to. Nick, have a 'tsk tsk'
  5. Why thank you Tym. 'ppreciate it. Search engine ain't what they were in my day! EDIT: Tada!
  6. Looks like they're beavering away looking for an answer.
  7. Cheers Nick. It does look as though if I add, say, South America LC, I would get another set of weathers.
  8. Wow! You got me going there. Sadly no sign of them. Now where else could the little blighters be? Just did a search of C: Guess what, there is an instance of ORBX1.wt in every bit of scenery I've installed so far! 15 areas plus Libraries. Everywhere from England to NZ North and South. Now what? When I did the P3D uninstall it was with a vengeance! EVERYTHING went. So there were no residues. I forgot. I looked in P3D\Weather\themes and there are just the LM themes.
  9. I have a proliferation of them in fact eight of each. e.g. Orbx Weather 1 times 8 Orbx Weather 2 times 8 Orbx Weather 3 times 8 and so on until we get to Orbx Weather 7 and there's only 2 of them. I wonder who 7 upset! These are in addition, of course, to the LM default weather themes. I've checked the C:\ORBX Scenery\p3dv4\Orbx Libraries\Weather\themes and there are three files per theme which looks about right. The trail ran cold after that. W10 Professional and a brand new install of P3D v4.5 plus Orbx LC etc. and some selected airports. In the grand scheme of things it's not a huge problem but it looks so UNTIDY! Oh, I also verified the Libraries in Orbx Central
  10. It's very red isn't it? Can it be made with some more green and a few trees?
  11. Now you see it.....Now you don't.
  12. Dead! I f was Scott I'd ask for my money back from his host.
  13. Both you and I know that that advice will NOT stop people obsessing about FPS. FPS is what flight simming is all about.
  14. What are you trying to say? Do I amuse you? D'ya think I'm funny?
  15. There ya go mate. No worries. Can you feel a 'Closed thread' coming on? Devaluing Likes.
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