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  1. Thanks for responding. The animations have indeed re-appeared, I should know better after all these years. I'm not sure the boxes stay ticked in the config though, they may do something when you press save but are not ticked when you look again. It's what comes of having to use scenery config editor to fly the PMDG NGX avoiding VAS issues. Mind you I have just bought an i5 12600 and a new motherboard after a hardware failure so flying A2A planes GA now has a nice high framerate; I just need a GPU to match which unfortunately are still rather pricey at present so the old R290x will have to soldier on for a while. I am what they call 'GPU limited'. Thanks again
  2. Ok, fixed my own problem. I seems to have been that Orbx libraries was not ticked in scenery library.
  3. All my Orbx airports are loading without planes or people regardless of the settings I choose in central. What can be causing this. I am at a loss.
  4. Thanks for the reply. What backup? Do you mean the whole region install?
  5. Hi, Orbx central is not remembering any settings for EGFF Wales for fsx. I can select them and save but when I look again they are unselected. How can I fix this?
  6. Hi, I have noticed that in LittleNavmap the runways are labelled the wrong way round at Compton Abbas. Has anyone else noticed this? Checking the BGL file runways shouldn't ID 26/08 Heading 076.9 be ID 08/26 Heading 076.9 Is it possible to update this if required?
  7. You'd think they would just be synchronised to display at the same time. They must both be independent elements and something must decide when they are displayed and when they are not displayed. Does this happen in your SIM too then?
  8. Further to the above I have an update; my conclusion about the problem being caused by Orbx!OPENLC_!EUROPE_LIGHTS running with FTX England seems to be incorrect; the problem arises when the streetlights go out. I started a flight at dawn this evening with Orbx!OPENLC_!EUROPE_LIGHTS turned on in the scenery library with FTX England running. All was as it should be with the light columns visible with splashes below. At a certain point in time as as dawn becomes day the streetlamps go out but the splashes do not go out at the same time leaving the screenshot below. You can watch this happen. I am not sure how long it is before the splashes also disappear. Is it possible to get the splashes to disappear when the lights go out (as in real life). Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. It was being caused by running Orbx!OPENLC_!EUROPE_LIGHTS with Orbx England. Disabling them in scenery library makes the actual lights appear again in FTX England .
  10. No. Wierd isn't it. I checked the bgl file using ADE and couldn't see anything odd. There is one other post I found online with the same issue in so something's up. It must think it hits something.
  11. Thanks for the reply I am using FSX Steam with Orbx global and FTX England. Is there something unticked in the scenery library?
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