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  1. ...and I could not be flight sim, happier. Astounding Product. I dip's me lid.
  2. Happy New Year. I am using ftxc to completely populate a brand new install of p3d v4.1 with my considerable library of ORBX. Thanks to Mr. Venema it is a painless process. A very slick system. Jon
  3. Hello Everyone, I had this issue a long time ago with fsx and now it has reappeared with fsx steam edition. The anomaly only seems to affect KSEA and KBFI afaik. All of my regions are up to date but I suspect the issue occurred when I installed NA PNW. This was the last one I installed. I have just completed an upgrade to FTX Central2 to the latest version as well as ORBX Libraries v.160528. Is there a fix for this? Jon
  4. I have been delving in DCS World quite a bit and its excellent if you want to kill the bad guys and test your flying skills. Having said that, probably foremost in the things I miss is ORBX scenery. DCS World and ORBX. Can we dream? Jon
  5. Not because I purchased these excellent programs. They're superb. The install programs come with a 2 year old cycle, so off I go to navigraph and got the latest cycle. When I started PFPX it detected changes in its database and did a check. I was gobsmacked with the number of changes in 2 years, mostly because of diversions from war zones. Something like 3500 routes were affected. Peace. Jon
  6. I have an Intel 6 core. Lower end 2011 pin. Love it. If considering AMD and I bear no malice toward them, ask about the running temps of the chips and cooling. I am not up to speed on this but there used to be an issue. If Intel can ever decide on a pin configuration spend considerable money on a very good motherboard for starters. If budget is a serious consideration, as you save, and upgrade components, you will have a 5 - 7 year upgrade path before technology supersedes its capabilities. Jon
  7. Which, I believe they later changed to : The Quality remains, when the price is forgotten. I closed many a sale with this phrase.
  8. This subject is a pet peeve of mine and I whinge about it all the time. After all, I'm over 60 and serious whining, is a right of passage (I whined for Australia at the last Olympics). However, I have never experienced any profiteering by ORBX/FTX. I have purchased a considerable number of the recent products and I consider them excellent value for money. Even if I'm purchasing them with the Pacific Peso. There is one thing, though, I would have loved to have known about this aspect, earlier: The Seniors Discount Price. I had no idea that there was this facility. Another example of the integrity of ORBX/FTX, for providing this.
  9. Like it's hit a brick wall. lol. The photos and comparisons between both aircraft are great and looking at the design: I suppose it's about the only way you could design a high wing passenger plane with that large rudder, high set elevator and ungainly undercarriage. That's where I noticed the similarities between the old Caribou and the Q400. Jon
  10. I was reading another thread regarding the hardest plane to learn and many said the Q 400. Someone mentioned its ability to land on short strips. A vision of the Caribou entered my mind and I realised it was a Canadian aircraft, too. Did the Q 400's design, derive from many of the Caribou's characteristics? Jon
  11. I have received so much valuable help in this forum. Plus. Me getting serious about reading every word about all of my ORBX/FTX products, I am pleased to announce that my re-install is complete and I am experiencing a more fulfilling immersion and a great deal more pleasure out of FSX. Thanks everyone for your comments and assistance. Now, the Orphan, P3Dv 1.4 and then 2.5. Regarding all this newer scenery I have purchased v the older FTX/ORBX products, could anyone from ORBX make a comment as to when OPEN_LC will make existing say PNW superfluous? Jon
  12. Thanks very much for the link. Great information. Jon
  13. I think I might have stumbled across a terrific way to approach the support forum. Read every manual for every ORBX/FTX product you own, twice......and then when you find an anomaly...support. Think I might be on the right track? Although the landclass/global base and vector were already installed, I did see a bit of herringbone here and there when flying over it at high altitudes. Now, with ausp4 installed the result is stunningly different. If you have it, install it, THEN read the manual. I highly recommend the read the manual bit. Jon
  14. I don't know but thanks to the ORBX Guys I am downloading 4.4 gb of the entire Australia and I only purchased AUGold in the first place. Now I reckon that's a very benevolent gesture from ORBX and should be applauded. Jon
  15. Hello everyone. I have installed FS Global 2010 mesh, ORBX Global Base and Vector, in that order, with sensational results. I then downloaded the latest version of PNW and installed it. Works great and looks beautiful but the FTX Central version is June 2015. I know there is FTX Central v2. I have it but should it be installed yet or just let the installers of the additional ORBX products I have to install, do their thing and then update FTX Central? Jon
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