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  1. Sorry if I'm not jumping with joy. I really don't think the impact is that big, and even in the comparison shots, I found it difficult to see which one was before and after. Yes the resolution is better, and some autogen I can clearly see is region depended, but as I prefer flying airliners at 30000 Ft, it surely doesn't look make sense to get it.
  2. Thanks, I was looking in the wrong place, but found it now, and that excactly what I was looking for.
  3. Not as far as I can see. It's a kmz/kml file that can be opend in Google Earth I'm looking for.
  4. Thanks for the answers Nick. I'll take a look on the OzX thread. Ups. One last question. I have some KMZ files for some other areas like Germany North and South etc, will there be one for AUv2?
  5. Probably, Did you mention that all addon airports for AU will be updated at some point? BTW. I think I may have the OZX airports somewhere on my Hdd's, will they work with AUv2 or are the airports in AUv2 already updated to "OZX quality"?
  6. OK but I'm quite surprised to see that even with the Tamworth addon airport, it doesn't look anything like the real one as seen on Google Earth. Guess we'll have to wait for a True Earth version of AU then (I'm sure it NEVER gonna happen, but hey, we can always dream, right?) :-)
  7. Yeah, I know it isn't photo scenery or True Earth scenery, but from the many screenshots I was hoping (expecting) it to be similar looks all over Australia. So basically all the screenshots presenting AUv2 is taken in areas where you have optimized it with photoscenery, and outside of these areas it's just landclass, which can look like my screenshot?
  8. It isn't an addon airport, but default AUv2, so something isn't right.
  9. Ever since installing AUv2, I've had this feeling that somethings wrong, as I don't see the same as in many of the screenshots in the preview forum. I started a flight with the goto airport and chose Tamworth YSTW, and used the slew command to take a look around the airport, and I was affirmed in my suspicion that something is wrong. I don't have FTX Vector installed, and haven't had AU V1 installed, I have attached a picture of the problem, and one of my scenery lib. Do I need to rearrange anything? I've also unticked the Australia box (item no 88 in my scenery lib.) but that made no difference. Jorn L
  10. When cleaning up my Hdd's to get some more space, I found an old AU Blue Freeware airports pack (AUBLUEFREEWAREV100) Is this compatible with P3Dv4.3 and FTX Australia v2? From the included pdf manual, it looks like it's basically grass and gravel runway airports, so are they maybe already included and maybe even updated in FTX AU v2?
  11. From all the screenshots of major cities like Brisbane, Perth and especially Melbourne, there's some great improvements from v1. I haven't seen any shots from Sydney, does that mean it haven't been updated? In the features, it says it's optimized for use with the latest FTX AI package, which is fine by me, just wondering if I have ai from MAIW installed, if that will collide with the FTX military ai?
  12. I've just installed the new AU AI package and for the first time using the FTX Central 3, I got a lot of errors during the install (see the picture), but going to different airports I do have ai traffic, so somehow I think it has been installed anyway. I did remove my old au ai files first. Even though I have the Austalia region v1, I haven't installed it, cause I'm waiting for Version 2, which looks incredible. Not having installed the AU region of course means that a lot of airports has no ai, because of mising afx/afcad, especially the military bases. So will the parking stands (military) be updated in V2, so we can see military traffic where they should be? Jørn
  13. Before jumping onboard, are there an update price, or is this a new full prize addon? I only fly in Australia very seldom, in fact I don't even have it installed right now, but the new screenshots makes me wanna explore the land down under. Jlund Ups, looks like Craig just answered that question, with a 40% discount, I'm in :-)
  14. Thanks a lot Nick, that worked. Don't know why I couldn't see it in freeware when I first tried it, but now all is good (I hope :-) ) Next step is to install TE South, just have to check if I have the nescesary space on my hard drives first. Jlund
  15. When I open up FTX Central v and choose X-Plane I see there's an update to orbx libraries, but when I try to install it I get this "license error " box. And I can't see any libraries under products or freeware tabs. What's going on? I have only bought TE South England for XP11 so far, but haven't installed it yet. Jlund
  16. I think it's hard to see on your pictures, which gates are connected and which is not. But as I'm not flying in and out of ESSA that often, it's not a big deal. Just knowing that it is actually working is fine, so thanks a lot for the help. Jlund
  17. I DID read the other posts about ESSA and sode-ai, and DID notice that the gates didn't connect to the ai planes. I have seen in other airports that they do connect, but don't know if it's a SODE thing or something made explicit for that airport.
  18. OK, looks like that helped. I have FTX Central v Reiinstalled ESSA Verified files Reinstalled Sode v1.6.4 And now I have gates, so thanks for the help. I might be wrong, but thought that with the new ESSA ans Sode, gates would also dock with the ai aircraft, which none of them do with my installation? Jlund
  19. I did verify files after install and it didn't show any errors. I have tried changing the two blue from False to True as mentioned in the thread Urmel81 refers to. [General] WatchdogEnable=True SecondaryTextMenuHotkey=NONE DebugMode=False SoundEngineDisable=False [JetwaySystem] JetwaySoundEnable=True ForceHorizontalJetwayForRotation=True [AISystem] DetectionEnable=True JetwaySoundEnable=True in SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini, but still no jetways, as you can see in the red circles. It's the only airport with SODE jetways, that doesn't work.
  20. I just installed ESSA v1.3, through FTX Central as a fresh install (NOT updating a previous version), and everything looks fine, except I don't have the jetways that connects to the planes. I know it's probably a SODE issue, but since I didn't get a choice to install SODE through FTX Central, how and where do I find it so I can install it? Jlund
  21. I wish I could try it out, but unfortunately my P3D is broken AGAIN. I've never had so much trouble with any version of FSX or P3d before V4.3. I've just installed XP11 and I'm gonna give it a go, even though I know I will miss P3D, but I don't have the patience (not for now anyways) to un and reinstall P3D for the 4'th time in two weeks. But thanks for the help anyways. Regards Jorn.
  22. I would like to use Instant Scenery 3 in my P3Dv3 version, to make scenery.bgls that can be used in P3Dv4.3 (as IS3 doesn't work directly in P3Dv4). I'm planning to install Orbx Global, FTX Vector and FTX LC_Europe in P3Dv4.3, but instead of having to install it i P3D v3 as well, is it possible to install Orbx outside P3D folder on a seperat SSD and point BOTH P3Dv3 and v4.3 to the same folder, so I can use just one install of it? I will offcourse only use version of P3D at at time. And is it legal to use ORBX libraries / objects in other airports as long as they're only for my personal use and won't get distibuted outside the sim? Jorn L
  23. Your'e right, it looks like this also in the sim, so a very good job by ORBX. I have always thought that we have a lot of windmills in Denmark, but you have your fair share of them as well :-) I was in the Netherlands three years ago and went to a place called Zaanse Schans, so that and Kinderdijk and mills of Schiedam will be my next adventure in FTX NLTE.
  24. Does anyone know where this picture is taken? I would rreally like to compare it in the sim to see how well ORBX has modeled it. (nearest airport or coordinates would be nice :-) )
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