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  1. Hello again guys, After several try&error..... the FIX seems to be working yet. Steps: 1) Reinstall FSDT KLAS (For some reason, it worked after reinstall(on top). 2) Apply the fix (Be carefull of new location of Orbx folders depending if first installed inside or outside the simulator(youll have to browse throught the Central Manager to know new locations in case you are lost...) 3) Open and let the sim do the rest.... Worked.... Happy landings!
  2. Hello guys, Ive tried everything, cant find a solution. Using FSDT KLAS and attempted to use Holger steps to remove the Orbx files, but i get a pretty weird scenery, Floating buildings, sunken parts of the airport: (BTW, installation files are not located like V4, so i wonder if im doing it right for instance....) Is there a solution to use this scenery on P3DV5.3 HF1 yet?.... Ive seen FlyTampa users are having problems as well.... Thanks,
  3. +1 Not working KLAS P3dVC5.3HF1. Just by installing i get double airports(Like default + FSDT) When using Holger steps to remove the Orbx files, i get a pretty weird scenery, Floating buildings, sunken parts of the airport, etc.... (BTW, installation files are not located like V4, so i wonder if im doing it right....) Im not sure how to get the KLAS above Orbx since they are all greyed out inside P3DV5..... Not sure if that will work.... Has anyone tryed a working fix for P3DV5? PD: My scenery is FSDT KLAS.... not FTPA
  4. That is a good one.....! PBR is supposedly one of the wonders of this update
  5. Hello, Yep, disabling FSAD solved the situation, but also disabled all updated data... FSAD guidelines states that Orbx elevation tool should solve the situation, but is not really working for me. I went to FSAD tech support and got another advice, but i had it solved before trying that. Noticed Nick´s advice in 2019 post about P3D 4.5 somehow prioritizes upper sceneries info over lower ones, so decided to try and move FSAD "4 entries" just below any other scenery in my P3D Scenery list, even below Orbx AEC. Voila! Scenery working like a charm! So lets kill the virus by flying a LOT! Hope the info is helpful for everyone. I will be testing the solution deeper so may be later i can give you all a brief update. Thanks for patience and happy flying!
  6. Hello nick, Affirmative, i use FS Aerodata, Navigraph AIRACs updates and Time Zone Fixer .... No other addons related to navigation data.... PFPX is outside the sim, so..... probably not related. Any advice related? Im not sure what to try....
  7. I checked my settings over and over, but no luck.... I did, follow Insertion Points instructions but, no luck.... Thanks for your advice anyway....
  8. Hello Nick, All right answers: 1. Ask him to visually confirm that the specific AEC files are disabled (ie don't just rely on the configurator) > I revised the FTX_VECTOR_AEC folder as explained in manual and noticed there is a "Disabled" file inside: AEC_KMRY.inactive 2. Does he run any AI payware that also includes edited APX files? > Nope, i havent ever used any AI traffic, except for the MTL IVAO uses, but i think it is not like AI traffic, but multiplayer visual substitution instead. Appart from that, nothing like AI. Just sceneries, and airplanes.... (No Pilots Mesh, no other mesh other than Orbx). I use all regions in that area and lot of airports from Orbx. Also use OpenLC North America..... 3. Double check he is running the latest version of P3Dv4.5 >, I revised that and i see its the latest available according to my official P3D user account site. Also checked via Unistall window, and all my core files(Client, Content, Scenery) indicate version Thanks in advance for support,
  9. Hello Nick, Attached the images... Double airport(different level, sink problem) at KMRY and incorrect airport layer display at KTVL.... Thanks for support,
  10. Hello, Hoffie, i tried BGL to off, but did not work. Still exactly same issue. Nick, also revised the Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Orbx ObjectFlow 2, but i dont have that folder at the time i checked. Also checked the Prog. Data/App Data folder in P3DV4 for any double entries of object flow, but there is only one..... BTW here and here the images you couldnt see. Thanks for support
  11. Hello, After trying a flight to KMRY i noticed elevation issues, suken terrain, etc. This is what i´ve done as per surrounding advices: 1- Made sure to have 5m Mesh Resolution 2- Confirmed that i have ADE_FTX_NCA_KMRY_elevation_adjustment.BGL in scenery\world\scenery and Default Terrain at the foot of scenery library. So not because of that.... 3- Unistalled and reinstalled both products(KMRY, KTVL since there is a simmilar problem for that one as well) 4- Made sure to have everything updated(Libraries, central, etc).... 5- Played with AEC (No option for KTVL) but did no improvement for KMRY situation. 6- Made sure to set KMRY disabled in AEC KTVL Issue: KMRY Issue: Yes, i have NCA, SCA, PNW, CRM, NRM, and many more... Thanks for support,
  12. Ou yes, i now have the migration button back....and i think ive seem several users do report this same question..... See the picture of Central/Vector, and it is V4.0.36 (Jan17): You can notice the migration thingy in the LC products as well... About the black squares problem, was spotted when flying around the Bahamas.... specifically around: MYAK, MYES, MYLS, MYAP, MYIG. Thanks for support
  13. Hello Doug, I have a question, im having the black squares issue and got to this thread. Time before, the migration was not neccesary as stated by some support member because there was no "migrate" button at the time the Central program was updated to its new layout. So i forgot about it for a while. After flying around caribbean area i noticed several black squares and same for South America/North America, so it was time to check that out....and now, migration is there..... Im following the described procedure above to solve my problem, but is it necesary to run migration? Should i? My files are installed insode the root forder(P3DV4.5), so im not sure if that option might be useful for me. Lil Note: Could it be a full Verify files button for all products? ... Thanks for support
  14. +1 for P3DV4.... One of my favorites to test real life ATPL friends .....hahaha They always crash!
  15. What is the correct procedure to use V4.0.16 for insertion points, migration, etc...???? Before we had to: But, V4.0.16 is a bit confusing for me...... and i see different names, lines explaining a simmilar procedure i think..... Thanks...
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