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  1. There has been many incarnations of London bridge. The current one standing now was built to replace the one bought by America which now resides in Arizona.
  2. Breath taking... that last shot over my old stomping ground.. everything is there
  3. Sadly not Iain. Just have not got the muscle to run Xplane right now. Working on an upgrade though, missing out a lot here
  4. Nice vid. But it looks like you have a few buildings missing. At 02:30 there is suppose to be One Canada Sq building and all the others. Plus no 02 arena
  5. Being a Londoner, I know every inch of this City. I must say, the attention to detail is just incredible. Really nice video, thanks for sharing. Would love to see more :)
  6. Met the Queen, most of the Royal Family and a host of other 'Celebrities'... Queen was hosting a commonwealth meeting at The Banquet House, Whitehall, London. I was drafted in as security and was positioned at the gate as they arrived. Also met David Beckham a few times where I now work. He pops in every now and then when Brietling Watches host events. A really nice down to earth guy, very friendly and chatty.
  7. Plum Island & Minute Man Field - 2B2 & 6B6 Two for the price of one and jam packed with Charm. Bill Womack's Plum Island and Minute Man Field are just that! Hope you enjoy these shots!
  8. Don't they just eh!!!.... Life is like a long haul flight.... and so far I am mid flight cruising over the Atlantic! Thanks for your birthday wishes!
  9. Thank you gents... overwhelmed with your kindness and well wishes
  10. Ohhh of course... sorry its late but happy belated birthday wishes Iain!
  11. Works like a charm... straight out of the box... I'll grab some shots later, but thank you Adam for this amazing preset!
  12. Ohh very nice. Been searching for that perfect preset. This one looks especially good. I will be giving this a try. Thanks Adam!
  13. Another gem by Misha Cajic and another bar that has been risen in scenery. All shot in P3Dv4.1 straight from the V key. I am using FTX HD Trees and real weather for added realism.
  14. All shots taken in P3Dv4.1 with real weather straight from the V key.
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