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  1. Beautiful. Are you using Ultra Weather XP too in these?
  2. A very charming airfield that beautifully blends with True Earth GB South Using FSE Enhancer and ASXP
  3. This is the freeware Zibo 737. Highly recommended. The Ryanair repaint comes with this
  4. Lake District - Scafell Pike -England's highest peak Lake District - 'Old Man of Coniston' peak Approach into EGSG Stapleford Over Blackpool Approach into EGKK Gatwick
  5. Thank you and thanks for the birthday wishes Thanks Brad I'm using FSE Enhancer with Reshade, Active Sky :)
  6. First few screens of my newly installed XP11
  7. Yes I am indeed. I use Mark Abdeys profile here https://orbxsystems.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=70280 Just this a no other shader mods Thanks John
  8. Hopping over to the other side 'Of the River' from Kent is Essex. My old stomping ground Right at the end of the Thames Estuary is Shoeburyness Southend-on-Sea Leigh-on-Sea and Canvey Island Wickford Chelmsford Romford Dagenham Dagenham - Looking at the Ford motor factory
  9. A few shots around my hometown of Sittingbourne and surrounding areas. Rochester Castle and Cathedral Sittingbourne Looking towards Isle of Sheppey and Swale Medway Estuary Medway Estuary and Grain Chatham, Strood and Rochester
  10. Also in my preview screenshots I use real world weather. Just my style and makes things look authentic
  11. Exploring the rugged coastline of Cornwall and Devon could never be more perfect that this. A truly sensational experience. Here's a few I snapped along my travels
  12. As you can see in my sig, my specs aint the best. But what I am getting here is totally smooth performance with maximum eye candy. I have just flow the whole of the Cornish coast then right up to Bournemouth. It really is something to experience as the landscape changes, then flying into dense town, not a single dip in frames. I have all my graphic sliders are maxed out, all apart from LOD and autogen draw distance, those are half way. Frames are locked at 22fps
  13. Here's a few along the Bristol Channel. Autogen and density are at their max setting and getting a solid fps, even on my old spec PC. Using real world weather for maximum realism to the environment
  14. Here's a few of True Earth GB South in P3D 4.4 These shots were taken from the North West Welsh coast. I have used real world weather here to make the shots look authentic to their environment. More to come......
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