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  1. Everyone's situation is unique. However, I can tell you that I have a similar setup to yours and was experiencing the same problem. I resolved it by overriding the default AffinityMask setting in the prepar3d.cfg to: [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=84 There are plenty of sites that discuss what this is and why to change it. Doesn't seem to help everyone, depending on the processor and such, but it made a world of difference for me. Also, be careful of other tweaks you might have made to the P3D config and Nvidia. You'll want to understand what the tweak is doing and why before changing anything because they can hurt more than help depending on a host of factors....
  2. Thanks Tim....one additional question....will FTX Regionpacks take advantage of add-on mesh terrain, such as FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation, if it provides a higher mesh resolution?
  3. Cool. I don't use traffic add-ons (maybe I should?) but the AI setting is only at 10%. I'll check into the AFCADS and play with the texture cap. I generally run pretty well overall. I just have to dial back a bit from the extreme settings you use. Thanks again for your help Rob!
  4. Hi Rob. My FPS are pretty good, but I run into VAS issues at the P3D settings you use, especially in FTX regions. My system is very similar to yours (though I have 980ti SLI with 2K monitor) and I do have hyper-threading turned off. My ORBX Vector settings are like yours. Though my P3D config is default, I have made some tweaks in the NCP. I will try going back to defaults there. Any other thoughts on what might be causing my OOM problems? Really appreciate your posts and videos....informative and well done! Thanks!
  5. Thanks Rob. Are your NVIDIA Control Panel settings posted someplace?
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