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  1. Hi Guys, Many thanks to everyone for providing his suggestion! I think, I'll jump and buy all of them. I have already bought Concrete and I'm currently downloading KORS. I'm not sure about Twin Oaks though. I currently get only around 15 - 17 FPS at the default Twin Oaks which comes with PNW Blue, because of its proximity to Portland. Which is a pity, because Bill's Twin Oaks looks fantastic on the screenshots and videos. Wolfgang
  2. Post deleted by the author - wrong thread!! Wolfgang
  3. I have bought Israel’s Farm a couple of days ago and I think I'll grab 1 o r 2 more of the PNW airports from the fantastic sale at FSS. What do you reckon, which of them are the easiest on FPS? That’s important to me, considering my rather ancient system specs. Thanks, Wolfgang
  4. You have to enter the FSS site via their homepage http://www.flightsimstore.com/ Beneath "Welcome to FSS" you’ll see changing banners. Wait until "Wicked Week 12 % off everything" appears (or use the arrows). There is the code which has to be entered before check out. I’m not sure if it is OK to post the code here, because I think FSS wants you to enter their site via the "front door". Cheers Wolfgang
  5. Hans Zimmer was Steve Jablonsky's teacher. Wolfgang
  6. And the best is you’ll get an additional 12 % discount this week! So the price is actually only AU$ 16.72 !!!!! Wolfgang
  7. Yeah, I have got the same problem now! ;D Wolfgang
  8. You really know, how to get me! Thank you sooo much ORBX and FSS!!!! Wolfgang
  9. No worries, found it in the AVSIM library! Wolfgang
  10. WOW, great video, Eddy! I also like the music very much! BTW, what plane is this and where can I get it? Cheers, Wolfgang
  11. I had a similiar issue with the runway at the freeware Busselton. Installing the latest library objects fixed it! Cheers, Wolfgang
  12. OK, I have typed "orbx Kors" into Google and since Google has customized the search engine to local areas, the first links here in Austria lead to flightsim related sites and to youtube. TPB is "only" listed # 10, but # 9 is another torrent site. What makes me wonder is that the first link to an official ORBX page, actually a forum thread about KORS is only listed number 7, The first link to a fullterrain.com page is only listed on page 3 of the search results! Please John and team, don’t get me wrong, I know this is absolutely not my business, but I think there is room to improve for ORBX . You can’t leave the “Google-field†to torrent-sites! Cheers, Wolfgang
  13. Excellent questions! I’m interested in an explanation too, especially on your last question! Wolfgang
  14. I have AUSP4 installed and have purchased YCDR SP3 yesterday. Hence my question if I have to reinstall SP4 after installing YCDR? It says SP4 has to be installed after installing SP2 or SP3, but I’m not sure if this is also valid for installing just an SP3 airport or only for installing whole service packs (SP2, SP3). Thanks, Wolfgang
  15. Carenanado has produced a 182Q and a 182RG (Retractable Gear). The HD download from ORBX is for the 182RG. Unfortunately this is not stated on the ORBX download site. There it only says "for C182" and the file is called HD 182 (no word about RG). I too found out that this is for the RG version only after downloading the file a few months ago. So my suggestion to ORBX is to make it clear already on the freeware download site that this HD upgrade is for the 182RG only, not for the 182Q. Thanks, Wolfgang
  16. Charles, is there a difference in functionality between the RealityXP full versions of the 430 and the 530 or is the difference just in the size? I own them only bundled with Dreamfleet’s Dakota (430 in FS9 and FSX) and the Baron (530 in FS9). In those bundled versions the 530 has some more pages/functions than the 430 has. Thanks, Wolfgang
  17. Now, that's what I call a very nice idea! Wolfgang
  18. Actually the idea of moving people is not new. If I remember correctly AES had it already in FS9. But what is new is the high quality of the ORBX People Flow. Compared to the ORBX PF the FSDT PF looks like it was developed for FS2. Watching the FSDT People move, I got the impression they would need to consult an orthopaedist or a physio. Wolfgang
  19. Actually in many cases it is not true that editing the alpha channel makes windows clear, but only removes reflections. The glass itself will stay and the glass will have an effect on how the outside world looks. Especially with dds-textures editing the alpha does not help to get rid of the "glass" itself. What I mean you can easily see when looking through a cockpit window with already removed reflection (dds alpha) and then move upwards (using shift + enter) until your eyepoint is above the plane. Then you will realize that the textures have become much clearer, that the contrast has improved. So does the bloom effect if you use it. It is very annoying that "glass" even with removed reflection, reduces the book effect. With some planes I just had no luck to get rid of the glass. I suspect they have the glass coded into the model. So my request to developers is to give the customer the choice between windows with reflections or windows with just the glass effect or completely clear windows. Just the way Ant did it with his Technam Sierra. Wolfgang
  20. I fly mostly GA VFR. Hence my question if there is any GPS/GNS available besides the Reality XP products which has a moving map with land/geographical data displayed like roads, power lines, train tracks, cities, villages, named water bodies etc.? Wolfgang
  21. Just to confirm, Guy's solution also solved the problem at my end. I had overseen that there is once more an update of the library objects available. I thought the version from 15 Feb was the most actual one. Thanks, Wolfgang
  22. As stetd above I had the problem solved yesterday by switching from Austrlia to Deafult and back to Australia. But after firing up the sim today, the problem was back. I'll now give your tip a try. Cheers Wolfgang
  23. I just found this old thread about the same issue http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=13445.msg118975#msg118975 But as far as I know, Ant hasn't made a scenery for Busselton Wolfgang
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