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  1. Thanks for the input Chuck. Yes I am using 5.2, but I had this same problem in 5.0 and 5.1 so at least on my system it has always been this way with v5, still have v4 and some Orbx there as well but the problem did not occur with that version of the sim. I thought for awhile last night I'd had it licked. But getting into the sim this afternoon, the problem remains unresolved. So back to scratching my head. :-)
  2. Been away from the sim for a few days. I tried this with the replacement files provided above. Unfortunately, the problem remains for me. If 0S9 is "turned on", 11S Sekiu is bare of vegetation, buildings and everything else. If 0S9 is off, Sekiu is fine. On the up side, if Sekiu 11S is turned on 0S9 Jefferson Cty is now okay. Could it be that there is also a problem with the Sekiu 11S ground polys? I would like to go back to "unresolved" state, if possible. If not, thanks for the effort otherwise Cheers, Bruce
  3. Thanks Nick, It isn't a huge deal for me as I can still enjoy the two locations in the manner described above. It would be nice to figure it out though. I had not encountered it with earlier versions of P3D, only v5 and its follow-on updates. I have all of the Washington cities save Cushman Meadows and none of the others have reacted this way on my system. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers, Bruce
  4. There is an issue with 0S9 Jefferson County and 11S Sekiu that I have not been able to resolve. It seems I can not have both of those turned on at the same time: when one (0S9) is turned on the other (11S) does not display correctly (as in a possible object flow quirk-missing buildings, autogen, and animations). So, if I want to fly from 0S9 to 11S and be able to enjoy the scenery at 11S when I get there, I have to go into the scenery library mid-flight and turn off 0S9 and, similarly, have to turn off 11S midway on the return flight to 0S9. I have tried various iterations of installing Object Flow, after reviewing earlier threads on the issue and with recent help from Nick in setting it up in C:\Orbx Central Library folder. But still this circumstance remains. If anyone has any ideas I would certainly appreciate hearing them.
  5. The more I dug into this the more it seemed a much broader problem rather than the Orbx products I have: no boat/ship wakes and other effects, etc doing strange things. After resigning myself to starting over once again, I decided to try uninstalling and reinstalling just the P3Dv5.2 client and voila! That particular problem(s) is resolved and it had nothing to do with the Orbx products. Apparently the client part of the initial reinstall was corrupted.
  6. So I was mistaken, there are actually three small third party sceneries that I'd forgotten I had in. None was a problem in the previous installation of the sim and Orbx products. I have the insertion point below these three and above the basic sim files. The Global openLC is below airports and regions. This actually is starting to become quite fascinating. In between or messages I have been experimenting with other areas and have been getting some very strange responses. For example, I will change to a new airport, Hobby field in Oregon in this case. I go to the airport and it will briefly show correctly, then change to black with some elements disappearing or manifesting themselves with bizarre blue and pink halos. Very odd
  7. Well, I gave that a try Nick and there was no change. In fact, KTEX is even worse in appearance now. So I am back to scratching my head. When I started reinstalling products I began with Global, then Vector, then the LC areas, but I wouldn't think sequence would matter?
  8. So, probably against a sense of better judgment, I went ahead and installed the latest iteration: P3Dv5.2. Ended up doing a complete removal (since the “update” routine failed miserably) and completely fresh and clean reinstall as per LM’s P3D uninstall/reinstall instructions. Once done, I began reinstalling my multitude of Orbx products (all LC areas, global, vector, buildings enhancement, all region areas, all three True Earth Great Britain, TE Washington and Netherlands, plus many, many cities and cityscapes). No other third party sceneries are added at this point. Thus far I have all the LC, Vector, Global, and regions reinstalled along with TE Great Britain South, and several cities (Tapini, Broome, AYPY, Emo Mission, EGLC, 2WA1, Sequim Valley, Jefferson Cty, and Sekiu, KTEX, S45). What I am finding is pretty disturbing. To start with, none of the Washington state sceneries are displaying as they should: no grasses, no animated animals, no animated people at Sequim Valley, no buildings or animated people/animals at Sekiu nor buildings either. Jefferson County has buildings but nothing else. 2WA1 has people, sounds and buildings, but no grasses or animated birds. KTEX is terrible, elevations are all over the place with objects floating in mid-air, terrain around the airport is skewed and/or out of sync with surrounding terrain. Meanwhile, AYPY, Broome, EGLC, Tapini seem to be okay. As noted in a previous posting, I have an i9 processor running at 3.6ghz, 32 gb of ram, a GEforc e GTX1080ti with 11 gb of ram. I know in the past in this forum that such problems as those encountered here were chalked up to Object Flow in some manner and I have reviewed the threads relating to this. I have checked and there is only one instance of it and it is located in users\c773te\Orbx Library\p3dv5 and is shown in the add-ons.cfg with that path. Furthermore, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the problem sceneries and Object Flow repeatedly along with running Sync Simulator each time. So far, to no avail. I should also note that I run "verify files" after each product has been installed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Or if I missed something in the Forum threads please feel free to enlighten me. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Bruce Ellis
  9. That is precisely what I did. Fortunately I'd made a back up of the original autogen default.xml. All is back to normal. Thank you so much for your quick reply Nick. Cheers, Bruce
  10. So, I have this interesting issue and wonder if someone could help me solve it. The attached jpeg shows a portion of dense jungle surrounding Aiome air strip in Papua New Guinea. The dark rectangular blocks you see are areas in which the vegetation is completely missing. After some research I have found that this occurs across the globe in such heavily vegetated areas. This a new issue and I have no idea when it happened. I have Global and Vector, all region areas, all Britain True Earth sets, True Earth Washington, True Earth Netherlands, and many, many cities installed. I am running P3Dv5.1 with most all sliders full right and good frame rates. Regarding my PC I would mention it has an i9 processor, 32 gigs of ram and a GTX 1080TI with 11 gigs on board so I don't think it would be a graphics processing issue. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both global and vector as well as Object Flow. I have also run Sync Simulator after each reinstall. I have also tried turning off all third party software other than Orbx/Orbx partners products. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello again Nick, Sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, that part of your suggestion worked fine and I did not have any errors with extraction. I have SODE installed and just reinstalled and verified and it appears I now have the missing jetways. Thank you much for your help and patience. regards, Bruce
  12. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, still no joy. After removing the backup, re-installing and running verify there are still no jetways and after only a few moments, it does the CTD. I have no other third party scenery for Scotland other than Orbx Scotland and Orbx airports for that part of the world.
  13. Hi, I have tried to install EGPH, Edinburgh for P3Dv5 numerous times and each time I get an error saying file failed to extract. Each time I have run "Verify Files' to no effect and using EGPH in this state reveals that there are no jetways present and it often will cause a crash to desk top. Suggestion/help would be greatly appreciated. sincerely, W B Ellis
  14. I too am experiencing the disappearing features at 0S9 and I have been through the same routines as those described on May 3 by Sniper31. I have the added aggravation of a CTD either as the scenery loads or very shortly after lifting off. Sometimes I make it to Discovery Bay but mostly it happens just a few seconds after take off. I have tried removing all third party scenery, though not third part aircraft. I have tried both with and without these third party extras including installation and un-installation of AICarriers. All to no avail. As it stands my only recourse appears to be to remove 0S9 completely. Tried dumbing down settings to lower settings (normal rather than dense or higher) reduced draw distances. Nothing seems to affect how 0S9 displays or the CTD.
  15. Thank you Nick for your quick response. I will fish around in my setup what might still linger. I had gone through prior to installing City Scene Oahu and thought I'd turned off/eliminated any other Oahu based scenery including an older freeware version of Wheeler. regards, William
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