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  1. Hi there, what do you think: For the new MSFS I want to afford a new PC within the next weeks. The GPU will be the Geforce RTX 3080 but I am not quite sure if I should wait for the announced 20 GB Version But this will probably take some more months until it will be released. As Orbx recommends 11 GB of VRAM for their TE HD sceneries I wonder if the 10 GB 3080 will be sufficient fur upcoming scenery projects. Maybe also someone of Orbx crew can reply to my question. Thanks and best regards Christian
  2. Will there be a HD and a SD version? I'm interested in the installation size. I'm running out of disk-space.
  3. Hi Nick, I would like to compliment you. Quick answer and the problem is solved. Thank you very much. Best regards Christian
  4. Hello, I was just flying from EDMK in southern Germany heading for LOIR and the Alps looked this. I have a fresh installation with all my Orbx products verified all LC-procucts und I have also tried to renew the lclookup.bgl file but it didn't work. Best regards Christian
  5. Update: Good evening, 1. Flying from 3W5 to WA56. Once again CTD between both airports (position: N41* 31.38 W121* 57.93) 2. Uninstalling 3W5 an WA56. No crash, I could fly with no problems. 3. Reinstall 3W5 and WA56 again. Graphic Setting medium (VRam usage under 2 GB), Flight without CTD but extreme stutters in the same area as the CTD. 4. Setting graphics to high. CTD in the same area. It seems as if some CTD occur in the edge area of Orbx airport sceneries. Hope you find those information useful. Best regards Christian
  6. Hi Nick, good to hear that. I just wanted to add that I have encountered the same problem in Homer, Lake Tahoe and Bella Coola. Best regards Christian
  7. Update: First flight from 0S9 to Kors with no CTD but some severe FPS-drops from 60 to 5 and back to 60. Second flight from KBVS via WA56 to 3W5 CTD after going around at WA56. Really weird. Further flights around 7S3 or 61B took place with no problems. VRAM usage again around 2 GB. Tomorrow I try to fly with HT switched off. Maybe this is a solution. Best regards Christian
  8. Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. I am currently using the same settings shown on your second picture. As I mentioned the sim only takes around 1.9 to 2.1. GB of the VRam, so far away from the maximum. The CTD I depicted so far happend only the vicinity of KBVS and WA56. I will try out other airports in the region. In other regions for example Boulder City, Catalina and Monument Valley no CTD appeared. I will continue testing and will let you know. Regards Christian
  9. I have 8 GB of VRam with a Geforce 1070 flying in WQHD Resolution. The sim uses about 2 GB of the VRam. My settings are not too high. I try to set the Maximum FPS to 30. Thanks!
  10. I had the same issue while departing from the Monument Valley. Reducing the traffic to 16% solved the problem. Best regards Christian
  11. I reproduced the problem. I started from Israels Flfarm to Skagit and in the middle of the flight the sim crahsed with the indication that P3D is not working anymore. Same with launching the sim direct from KVBS. The atmosphere Option is switched of.
  12. Hello, I have encountered some CTD while flying around WA56 (Israels Farm) and KBVS (Skagit). Does anyone have the same problem? A flight from concrete (3W5) to Darrington (1S2) could be done without any problems. Thanks and best regards Christian
  13. Hi folks, one question please: What are your experiences regarding the use of the sharpening Option? Does it reduce the frame-rate on your systems? Thanks best and happy easter to everyone. Best regards Christian
  14. Hi Graeme! I had the same problem until I disabled the Static Aircraft in the S43 control panel. Then they appear as they should. Greetings Christian
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