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  1. I agree, but we seem to be in the minority. When I asked about this in another thread a while ago, it was explained that Orbx have moved on from producing small airfields and would only do larger regional fields and other scenery products.
  2. The last small US airport to be released for MSFS was Concrete, back in November, though. Then it just kind of...stopped? Still I have high hopes they will get back to converting more of those old PNW "jewels" to MSFS as well as release a few new smaller GA airfields, even if they aren't a priority.
  3. Great to see more airports from the PNW coming to FS2020. Still one of my favorite areas to fly, even now that we have the entire world with photo scenery. Personally I don't mind at all if the airports were to be released with the original low-res textures, they still look miles better than the MSFS defaults. Still I understand that Orbx as a company have certain standards they need to adhere to.
  4. I do hope they focus on atmosphere/clouds and water rendering for X-Plane. The technology is certainly there now that they've moved it over to Vulkan.
  5. It works, but like I said, I have to double-click the mouse button instead of pressing "the any key".
  6. For me, the only thing that works when it says "Press any key to continue" is a double-click of the left mouse button. "Press any key" - as long as that key is the left mouse button. Oh, and press it twice for good measure
  7. Same issue here. Going from OS9 to S43 at low altitude the CTD's are 100% reproducible.
  8. I get those CTD's at other Orbx airports too like W16/S43 and OS9. They typically happen on approach, and the P3D V5 hotfix doesn't appear to have solved it.
  9. Sounds to me like some setting isn't configured optimally for your current system. LOD Radius usually doesn't need to be at more than "High", same with Autogen draw distance. "Use High resolution terrain textures" can cause stutters, and the visual difference isn't that noticeable. Make sure Dynamic 3D Vegetation is turned off, that can cause massive stutters. The new atmospheric rendering looks cool, but the performance hit is very high so try using the old atmosphere while you work out which settings work best on your system. If you do turn it on, try leaving Cloud Resolution at Medium or Low. Also, keep in mind that SSAA uses a lot more GPU than MSAA or FXAA.
  10. It's a bit hit and miss for me. Sometimes I can load up a flight and fly with no CTD's. Other times it crashes right after the loading bar reaches 100%. Seems to happen more frequently around Orbx airports such as KTIW, S43 and others so there still seems to be some issues with the Flow modules etc. The errors are usually 0xc0000005 (Access Violation) or 0xc0020001 (The string binding is invalid).
  11. It does make sense for the consumer to decide on one platform and stick with it even when it's no longer technically "the best", due to the expense and time required to keep multiple sims up to date with the latest addons. Migrating to a new platform often requires you to pay crossgrade fees or outright re-buy addons. I'm still torn on X-Plane. I love the TE sceneries, but with FS2020 on the horizon and P3D v5 promising to be compatible with most P3D v4 addons, I still have some doubts about going all-in when it comes to buying addons.
  12. Yes I've tried multiple times to re-install, verify files etc. but as soon as I add any Orbx airports on top of TE Washington in 11.50, it refuses to load. That's both with Vulkan and regular OpenGL.
  13. The sim crashes during loading when any Orbx airports are enabled. TE scenery itself seems to work fine.
  14. The sim crashes during loading when trying to load 11.50 with Orbx scenery. I assume Orbx need to update their scenery for 11.50, which won't happen until 11.50 final is out...
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