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  1. Thanks, Doug! Finally I was able to find the reason, it had nothing to do with the LOWS scenery. I removed Scenery Glitch Fixes for Update » Microsoft Flight Simulator from my Community folder and now everything is just okay. At least for now. Sorry for this unnecessary topic.
  2. Title says it all. There are unwanted peaks around LOWS. I do not have other sceneries for the are active. Anyone else seen these and what the problem might be?
  3. The Milford Sound Airport in MSFS must be one of the worst by default. All the buildings where cruise ships start their trip are missing or under water. Terrible! So, please please, Orbx, give us NZMF for the the new sim. Please!
  4. Great to have such a freeware. But so difficult to find that strip from the air in poor visibility!! ( and therefore I love it even more)
  5. What I really would like to see is the Lake Tekapo Airport! The NZ scenery is so great and with better Lake Tekapo airport (and more realistic color of the lake itself) it would be even better!
  6. Hi! This might be a stupid one. But anyhow, at the control panel of the Milford Sound we have 2 options for the PeopleFlow and Static GA Aircraft: level 1 and 2. I have not been able to find information on them, what is the difference between these levels. Which one will give more details?
  7. I am waiting for this release. As a teaser I would like to see pics of some of the international and local airports.
  8. I really do hope taht OpenLC Africa will be released. Not too many sceneries for that continent. And, IMHO, Open LC is a clever way to enhance Simulator.
  9. Sorry if I am not clear enough. I will try again. - How good is the 1060, is it good enough to give smooth experience or is it already outdated? - Processors I have look at are 8700K, i5-9600K Ryzen 5 . Which one of them you would recommend? - Is 16GB DDR4 god enough for P3D? - Is it mandatory to have a SSD? - What would be the bottles neck in a system with 1060, 8700K/i5-9600K, 16GB DDR? I hope someone would be kind enough to help me to make up my mind. I am sure you have experience on all of these.
  10. Well, it is hard to say. After all we live in different countries and you might not know what kind of prices we have here...
  11. It looks like I have to use some money for this hobby. Again. My knowledge of the hard ware ain´t too good. So all help is highly appreciated. Video card. 1060 or something else? Processor 8700K, i5-9600K Ryzen 5 3699? Or? Is 16GB DDR4 god enough? SSD? What size? Or just HD? What else should I look if I want a smooth flying experience. And yes, my budget is limited. Thanks in advance.
  12. OLC Africa! I´ve been waiting for a scenery like that for ages. For sure, that will be a good seller. There is so much to explore and possibilities for different kind of simming in Africa. Just think about it: airliners with modern or classical tubes, bush flying etc. I will start it with a cargo flights in Kenya and Tanzania with good old DC-3!
  13. What is difficult, what is simple? I do not have time to learn to operate planes like PMDG or Majestic Dash 8 (which is tempting, though). For a long time I was using just the Alabeo/Carenado-stuff. But then I purchased the A2A Cessna, and boy, that was an experience! Now I enjoy simming with it and the ORBX sceneries all the new way. But is it complex airplane or not, I do not know.
  14. I downloaded this and it looks really interesting. I have not done anything but read that idea and I have to say: Thank you very much! This can be cool!!
  15. The more I look at these pics, the more excited I am. This can be a big steps forward in our hobby. I wish we would have a real opportinity to fly gliders (in a realistic way) above these sceneries!
  16. That is true, but I have find it hard to know which airport sceneries are compatible with FTX. I really don´t want anything which would ruin my FTX-experience.
  17. gHi! We have some minor airports in France included in the freeware- package. Now I am looking for some bigger - possibly regional - airports there. They can be freeware or payware, must be P3D v3 compatible and of course compatible with Global Base, Vectors and Open LC Europe. Any suggestions?
  18. Thank you, Nick! It was Tongass Fjords, which I had to drop down in my scenery list. kiki "Mr. Troubles and Problems"
  19. I didn´t change insertion points during the unisntall-install-process of the PNW. Do you mean I should make some changes??
  20. I had elevation problems with Orcas Island. Uninstalling and then intalling back the PNW helped but after that I have lost the whole sea around the Island. See the shot here, KORS is down there. And yes, I do have P3D 3.4 and all the latest updates for all the ORBX products. What has happened?
  21. For some reason (unknown to me) I tried this scenery again today and everyehing was just right. Mystery is not soved but at least trees are now ok! Thank you!
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