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  1. Also, with v1.10, I could be screwed if these updates are progressive!
  2. Thanks for your reply, Doug. I saw this solution posted in a similar thread and did not work for me. I even tried the manual install which did not work. The FTX Central install makes it about half way until that error log pops up. I'm at a loss. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I've been trying to update KSAN through FTX Central repeatedly, and I keep getting the attached error message during the download. Please advise. Thank you! MESSAGE>>
  4. I did disable DX10, but the graphics and anti-aliasing is terrible. The glass shimmering happens when your viewpoint changes even slightly, blue to dark and so forth. My graphics card is up to date (GTX 1060 SC 6GB)
  5. I don't think a screenshot would really capture the issue. It's when the view pans. The larger terminal with the big panes of glass go from bright blue to muted, rapidly. Also the tarmac and runways flicker like crazy on final. I did experiment by turning off DX10 preview mode (yes, I forgot to mention I run DX10). It helped greatly, but the anti-aliasing was horrid! Is this scenery not compatible with DX10? I have the latest version of Steve's DX10 fixer, so that didn't help. I know, I should go to P3D V4 and not have to worry about DX10. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I can't figure out why the terminal windows flash light to dark and vice versa when i change the perspective of the view. It's almost a rapid flash sometimes. Anyone? Thanks
  7. thank you, sir! I hope this can be resolved. To reiterate, changes in wind or weather does not change runway assignment.
  8. I've tried everything as well.... ADE, AFX, and other utilities. DHL, FedEx, and UPS are parked at the gates. RWY 9 is the default runway assignment too, even if I change the winds. The supposed update did nothing. This has nothing to do with my AI. I don't have this problem at ANY other airport.
  9. Outstanding info. Thanks! I'll report back IF it works Any thoughts as to why RWY 9 is the "go to" arrival/departure runway?
  10. Didn't work. I have, DHL, FedEx and UPS parked at the terminal gates!
  11. I lived in SD for 8 years in both Point Loma and Mission Beach. You are absolutely right.
  12. I'd like to add that when I do approaches the runway and taxi area textures are flickering. Some parts of the terminals as well. I have a pretty decent graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 1060 SC 6B).
  13. Thank you. I will give it a try..... But why is RWY 9 the designated RWY for approaches and departures. I even changed the wind direction with speeds up to 30 mph, and it won't switch to RWY 27!
  14. And how does one code or re-code the spots? I always assumed the airport scenery developer provided the proper airline assignments. Isn't this something ORBX could address?
  15. I'm using a combination of WOAI, FAIB etc. My main concern is why RWY 9 is the default departure and landing runway. Thanks for your response!.
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