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  1. Great news to hear an other update coming our for x plane, Can you confirm if Caerphilly castle in south wales is included please.
  2. Hi really appreciated all the effort you guys put into SP1 for x plane with GB South but I noticed that Caerphilly castle is still missing, as it sits at the moment it appears as a couple of office blocks and the mote is all filled in with grass. Is there future plans that would address the problem. Thanks Shaun.
  3. An impressive SP just a bit disappointed my local castle has been missed which is Caerphilly, second biggest castle in UK.
  4. Hi An other great release coming soon for X Plane 11 which I have already got for P3D. I know most of these are ported over for use in X Plane but are we going to see any new small ish type airfields from Orbx for the north of the country. With TE central released and Scotland on its way, at least a few to compliment all the hard work wouldn't go a miss. Shaun
  5. Yeah love it too, especially with the iPad in there to see where you are:. Is that a mod and where can I get it. Shaun
  6. Hi All thought I'm blown away with all these shots and will be sure to start adding to my XPlane 11 collection but not wanting to be picky but the train in shot 8 appears to be American traveling in the wrong direction.
  7. Hi I Know this all down to personel choice but much preffer the first shot, i love the darker shades.Still great shots. Shaun
  8. Hi Guys. Is ther any news from the welsh camp as and when we might see some scenery, i.e., Welshpool, Swansea etc. Cheers Shaun
  9. Hi Just want to say thanks for another incredible piece of art. I notice you are working your way towards Wales, some time soon would be nice to fly up towards welshpool. Thanks again guys, fantastic work. cheers shaun
  10. Hi Brian Here is the link. Thanks shaun />http://secure.simmarket.com/supression-flight-beauty-world-fx.phtml
  11. Hi was wondering if anyone has tried this and does it had anything to FSX if you all ready run REX. Cheers Shaun
  12. Hi Dieter Thanks. just what i wanted, works great. Regards Shaun
  13. Hi Just tried the v key and got a message saying unable to capture your screen shot. Cheers shaun
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