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  1. Nick, I can't answer that directly, because I don't (yet) have P3D V4 to check it out. However, in principle, yes, I see no reason why it could not easily be made to do so. All that the Registry Fix does is to alter the AppPath and SetupPath in the relevant [HKCU.....] and [HKLM]..... registry entries, to divert installation from where the DVD's installation path is normally pointing, to the required paths relevant to a specified Prepar3D version. It's not at all complicated. Even if the existing Registry Fix doesn't work right now, it can certainly be modified to do so (officially). It's only a couple of lines in a .reg file to alter the registry as required. I should have P3D V4 in about 3 days' time, so can let you know............
  2. Thank you for the clarification, John. That seems at slight variance from what Nick just said, but presumably all will be made clearer shortly
  3. Yes. There is absolutely no problem at all with installing to P3D using DVDs, and the ORBX Registry fix that is available with Central V2 So - "free" doesn't mean "free" for those of us who have a lot of DVDS. That's the question I was asking, so thank you for the answer
  4. No it isn't as far as possible. It's totally relevant. It very specifically addresses a point that John Venema made himself in this very thread, where he said that ".............we promise to have to ready (Prepar3D v4 scenery) for you as soon as possible after V4 is released - and for free! " . I was pointing out that so far, DVD owners no longer have their scenery recognized, so was asking how this promise will be fulfilled to DVD owners. To answer your question: my scenery is all installed to Prepar3D Version (i.e. - Hotfix 3)
  5. Thanks, but that doesn't really address the issue I'm asking. I have had all those updates already since the day we were given that link. I have 43 Orbx Sceneries on DVD. In addition to those, I have lots of other Orbx scenery areas ( I have all in the ORBX catalog except about 10 minor airfields in the USA). Of those 43, the number that are recognized by Orbx Central V3 is ZERO. So that renders Central V3 completely useless to me, and I have continued using Central V2, which does recognize them, because it looks to see what it has installed on my PC, instead of what Orbx thinks I have based on the ORBX "registered sales" database wherever that is. Here's a picture of them, for those who might doubt the seriousness of what I am asking. That picture alone represents about $1000 investment, and the rest I have in downloaded digital content about another $1000. So - if another version of Central (V4, I presume) is coming out, and all our scenery is going to be upgraded "for free", I still would like to know how the issue of DVDs is going to be addressed, because it certainly hasn't been since Central V3 got introduced 6 or 7 months ago. I am sure I won't be the only one who will be unhappy if my scenery collection gets rendered useless, or I have to buy it all over again in order to move on to P3D V4 or another 64 bit sim. Based on my investment alone, I reckon I've been a pretty valuable customer of Orbx's, over the years and I feel extremely strongly that we DVD owners should not be ignored
  6. Quote JV: "No, there's no alias option, only the ability to copy from your V3 installation instead of re-downloading. " What does this mean? Is this Orbx Central V3 you are referring to, or P3D V3 ? Is it possible simply to copy/move the ORBX directory from one sim to another? How does that work with terrain.cfg (amongst other files?). Excuse my ignorance on this one, but I tried moving my Prepare3D v2.4 ORBX directory to Prepar3D v3 when P3D V3 came out to save spending a day installing, but it didn't work. How does "copy" fit in with Orbx EULA, which says only one installation per pc, I believe?
  7. Quote ".............we promise to have to ready for you as soon as possible after V4 is released - and for free! " Excellent news indeed! How is this going to work for those of us who have a whole bunch of scenery on disk rather than downloadable content - so not registerable with Orbx? (That's most of mine)
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