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  1. Problem solved. Although I had the True Earth Libraries installed, I had not installed the standard Orbx Library. I found this by comparing my 'working' P3Dv4.5 scenery_add-ons.xml with that for P3Dv5. Many thanks @Nick Cooper for your help.
  2. Can Orbx comment on this issue? My P3Dv5 install was normal and I had water visible. Orbx Central was used for installing True Earth GB North and Libraries. The above image shows that the water is no longer recognised. Some rivers in Orbx EGPH do appear in blue.
  3. After installing True Earth GB North and EGPH for P3Dv5 using the Orbx Library outwith the flt sim, I found that all water (Firth of Forth and Moray Firth) were populated with Autogen landscape of housing. Where has the sea gone?
  4. Thanks for the response. There was no resume option presented for the failed/stalled download. Perhaps ORBX should consider mirror sites in UK to avoid linking to half way around the world. Maybe it was not wise to release 2 large much anticipated products on the same day along with a major update. I do normally schedule downloads for overnight and one of the new ones did complete by this morning.
  5. I have a 20MB broadband but ORBX Central is only using less than 1MB. Last night I got to 80% download of a 23GB file before it crashed. A totally wasted day!! Where then, tell me, is the link to download the product zip?
  6. As the TrueEarth GB North and South download/installation was taking a stupidly long (6 hours plus) with FTX Central (latest version), I followed the manual download zip link. This displayed a File Open dialog and not a Folder Selection dialog. When I tried to enter a filename I got the error message that that file did not exist. I had to revert to the FTX Central method. Another day lost!! This is a fault that I tried to raise a ticket to report. ORBX action required.
  7. As a controller sitting in the Tower at Edinburgh I have noticed an anomaly with the shadow cast. From the tower position there is an extra shadow of the visual balcony appearing half way eastern side (right). This does not appear it the Spot view. Trivial I know but unexplained.
  8. As a regular controller and pilot at Edinburgh (EGPH) I have brought both the XP11 and P3D versions. The XP11 is superb but there are a couple of issues with the P3D version. The runway and taxiway shimmer when reflecting the sun or aircraft lights and the texture looks unrefined or course. Also the cars in the car park are black holes at night and do not respond to dynamic lighting (the XP11 cars are much better and properly lit).
  9. Thank you. Only problem is that after deselecting satin aircraft, either the Save Changes, Cancel or close X work. You have to shutdown the ORBX Central. Lovely piece of software. Not.
  10. I have the new EGPH airport scenery and wish to remove/hide any AI aircraft. I can't locate the install so haven't found any manual. Any suggestion?
  11. Yes it is FTX Central 3. What is the difference? Why change it yet again?
  12. I have just brought TerrFlora and it is shown as install in Orbx Central. However, it reports no download available. Anyone else getting this fault?
  13. Flying over the M48 Old Seven Bridge with True Earth South on P3Dv4 I spotted that east bound traffic is vertically climbing the main support tower.
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