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  1. Wow, amazing shots there! Microsoft Photography Simulator This scenery is way better than I realised. Despite owning it, I never saw it like that flying over it - even at only 1000-2000 ft. Which leads me to think, it must be a bit frustrating or sad for scenery designers that put this much work into their creations, knowing most people may never see some of the finer details! Maybe one day we will have MS Driving Simulator...
  2. Wow, amazing work on this scenery, love it. If you'd shown me this a few years ago and said that's how flight simulation was going to look in 2021 I would have said you were dreaming! Great to see the Manly ferry too, my daily ride (when not in lockdown and working from home )
  3. Wow, that looks great, look forward to seeing it! Good to have South Head down to Bondi Beach - that 3rd screenshot looks awesome. Hopefully we can eventually get some love for North Head and Manly Beach as well (biased as I live in that part of the city )
  4. I'm hoping Orbx's Sydney Cityscape will play nice with the upcoming MSFS 2020 version of the below whenever it is finally released. These 2 together will make flying into / out of YSSY pretty amazing https://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=14213
  5. Wow, that looks spectacular! If I could have picked just one product for Orbx to do, this would have been it. While I fly all sorts of places around the world in the sim, I do find myself flying into/out of my home airport quite a bit. This is going to make that look sooo much better! Can't wait
  6. This is excellent news! So by the end of the year we can fly pretty much anywhere in the world with a decent land class scenery experience Looking forward to both of these OLCs, but especially Asia as I fly there a lot more than Africa.
  7. Excellent, really looking forward to this! I'm a huge fan of addons that make big improvements to the base default experience of the whole sim or large areas of it. Better default autogen buildings is one of the last pieces of this puzzle! With Global + Vector + Trees HD + Buildings HD (+LC's where available, hopefully eventually the whole world), I can fly anywhere and still get a reasonably decent scenery experience. The only piece that is not ORBX (yet) is an HD upgrade to default airport buildings, so I've used a non-orbx addon from REX for that which completes the picture.
  8. Wow, that looks amazing. I did a whole series of flights through northern NSW into QLD and the NT about a year or more ago, but it was nowhere near as amazing as this. Look forward to checking it out again in v2
  9. NIce shots! YBCS has always been one of my favourite airports to fly into in the sim. Looking forward to doing it in v2.
  10. Haha, ouch! And yes, really enjoy flying the SAAB
  11. Thanks all! Had time for one more flight from YCNK to YBTH and it's looking great. Well done to the ORBX team. It's gonna be hard pulling myself away from AUSv2 to fly anywhere else for a little while
  12. OK, so to answer my own question, based on one quick flight AUv2 seems to be playing nicely with Pilots FSGU NG.
  13. I haven't posted in a while, but I just took AUS v2 for a spin and thought I'd share! I flew YSSY (Sydney) to YCNK (Cessnock) a short flight I've enjoyed doing in the past. While it's hard to be specific without a side-by-side, v2 looks beautiful and it actually feels like the performance has improved slightly if anything, which is a bit weird considering that I would have thought the better scenery might use up more FPS. I'm still working through a short-hop world tour that started in Sydney and is currently in Canada. But it looks like that will have to pause that for a while, because I'm going to need to re-explore Australia now If you look closely, Sydney seems to have fireworks going off (in the middle of the day)! Some shots on route from Sydney to Cessnock over the Central Coast and Hunter Valley The topography and definition of those hills looks very nice and clearly improved from V1 Who needs photo scenery when land class can look this good! On the ground at YCNK (Cessnock)
  14. Well this is a nice surprise to wake up to - and on my B'day too! Downloading as I type Does anyone know if running this with Pilots FS Global Ultimate NextGen mesh is likely to be an issue? At the moment it seems to be running ok with AUv1, so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem.
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